Meet Your Favourite All-Rounder Online Computer Store

If you’re a tech junkie who loves checking out new gadgets all the time but is procrastinating to visit a computer store, worry not! There are so many credible online sites where one can browse through several sections of various online products. 

Suppose you’re just someone that is learning about gadgets and wants to try out new ones or are looking to buy new gadgets for your home, office or any workplace, looking to buy something for a special someone or impress your boss but have very little time to visit one or are very nervous about visiting one. In that case, one can always check out an online computer store like Skycomp.

A huge variety of products can be found ranging from different printers, monitors, motherboards, hard drives, hard discs, myriad storage devices like pen drives, video cards, laptops, desktops, and so much more! It is a one-stop spot for all things related to technology.

Here’s a guide in understanding the technological devices – their various types and what it has to offer:


  • The most commonly used monitor around the globe is the Liquid Crystal Display monitor, which is made of liquid crystals. Its popularity is that it requires less space, consumes less electricity and radiates much less heat than other monitor types.
  • A type of monitor that was a breakthrough in the market was the Light Emitting Diode monitor, which uses light-emitting diodes to give added brightness to the display. Another speciality of this monitor is that it can have 4K resolution and a curved display, making it popular among gamers. In addition, it results in vivid colours and a brilliant contrast range.
  • The latest type of monitor technology is the Plasma monitor made up of cells filled with charged gas. The major advantage of this monitor is that its flatness reduces glare, unlike curved displays. However, they are much heavier than the other types.

Some of the leading brands that produce monitors are Benq, Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, ViewSonic, Samsung and Lenovo.


There are two classifications: impact and non-impact printers

Some of the non-impact printers include:

  1. Laser printers: They can print monochrome, strong ink, single colouring and four colourings. 
  2. Inkjet printers: They combine different colours, and they provide the best quality for images and pictures. 

Epson, Canon, Ricoh are such companies that manufacture quality printers.

Storage Devices:

  1. Pen drives: Pen drives are the most commonly found storage devices that can store up to 256GB of data. They are easily portable
  2. Hard disk drives: They can store up to 15TB of data. It has a very fast data retrieval rate.

Toshiba, Hp and Sandisk are brands that offer quality storage devices.

Why choose an online computer store over visiting a retail computer store?

  • It is easier to compare several products at once. The prices, specifications and specialities can be easily and honestly compared to salespeople in showrooms convincing you to buy the higher-priced products.
  • Many people find that online products are cheaper than offline products. The sole reason is that the company saves up on the inventory. So you get the same product for a lesser cost!
  • Be sure to find a sufficiently large variety of products as opposed to retail stores. No more placing an order, paying extra money to a third party to arrange for the product, and waiting for it to get delivered to the retail store from where you can purchase it. Swipe past hundreds of models at home.
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