Managing cybersecurity concerns amidst Covid-19 pandemic: Guide for businesses!

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed everything in the world, quite literally. People are scared of hugs and handshakes, and businesses have been forced to allow a considerable part of their workforce to work from home. Even though the world seems close to finding many vaccines, the scare is far from over. It may take a while before it is ‘business as usual’. In this guide, we are discussing further on how businesses can address security concerns amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Determine your threats & risks

It is important to understand the threats to address them better. For instance, cybersecurity is about protecting IT resources and devices, but which of your available networked resources are more vulnerable? What are the common threats that similar businesses are facing? What percentage of your workforce is working from home? Who has access to what within the organization? How many phishing emails and vishing calls do your employees get on an average every month? Try and answer these questions, so that you can work better on your cyber defenses. 

Create cybersecurity training programs

If there is one definite way of addressing cyber risks and threats, it is cybersecurity training for employees. You have to consider training your employees on basic aspects of security, so that they are more aware of their roles, responsibilities and actions. Make sure that they know the simple things, like dos and don’ts of safe browsing, about using secure home networks and a VPN while working from home, and so on. 

Create a disaster recovery plan

Often, despite the best efforts, things may go wrong, and without an incident response plan, your business could be dealing with severe consequences. Make sure that you have a clear set of protocols for disaster recovery. One of the primary steps is to actually have scheduled backups of data and critical information, so that systems can be restored immediately, in case there is an incident. 

Review your cybersecurity policies

You have to find ways and means to review your cybersecurity policies from time to time, so that efficient steps can be taken in time. The best way to reduce risks is to think ahead of hackers. For that, you can consider relying on the expertise of the security community and hire ethical hackers, who can find and fix existing system, network, and device vulnerabilities, before someone else does the same. 

Treat cybersecurity on priority in 2021. 

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