Instant Personal Loan: Meaning And Reasons To Avail One

When compared to traditional methods of banking, the way of banking in today’s time is changing at a rapid pace. The procedure has become completely digital and prompt. As a result, the overall demand for instant personal loans is rising daily. The process of making an application is also quite simple and quick.

An instant loan app provides loans that does not need much documentation and is approved in an instant without having to pledge your assets. You can easily make an application for one by visiting a bank branch or filling out long forms, which saves a lot of time and energy.

An instant personal loan is unsecured, meaning there is no requirement for you to submit any security or collateral to get the loan approval. When you apply for the loan online, all the documents will be uploaded on the online portal, thus making the whole process and transaction paperless.

The processing duration for an instant personal loan is much longer than other loan forms. Hence, when you need funds urgently, opting for instant loans using reliable loan apps is recommended, as the approved funds get disbursed directly into your bank account instantly.

If you are looking for a legit and safe loan platform that is also, RBI registered, you can install Branch loan app that has reasonable interest rates along with zero late fees.

Also, fast loans are facilitated with the help of RupeeRedee, a modern age financial services platform that leverages tech in order to enable simple and fast approval of short-duration personal loans through its mobile app or website.

Alongside, various factors are to be considered before making an application for an instant loan and opting for the same:

You must fulfill the age requirements as mentioned by your lender. Such age limits differ according to whether you are a self-employed person or a salaried employee.

  • Credit score:

A decent credit score of 750 or more is needed to get an instant loan at a reasonable interest rate.

  • Income:

Most lenders provide a loan to individuals with a salary of at least 15,000 per month, but a few instant loan apps may also get your loan application approved even if your salary is less than 10,000.

  • Occupation:

An instant personal loan is provided to self-employed and salaried individuals. However, it depends on the lender selected by you.

Relevant documents needed when making an application for an instant loan:

  • PAN card
  • Passport size photographs
  • Identity proof
  • Residential proof
  • Past three months’ bank statements

The roadmap to fulfilling all your life goals often gets obstructed by certain monetary hurdles that seem quite steep to skip. Now, with the help of a 24×7 loan facility, you can opt for instant loans and offers for several reasons. Be it planning for your dream home to a perfect wedding or merely wanting a quick vacation or trip with your loved ones, the virtual disbursal process is instant and easy.


If you are looking to opt for an instant loan with the help of a reliable, safe, and secure online loan app, then you can check about a wide range of websites and applications, make a comparison and select the one that helps you best. Also, you can apply for a line of credit from 4,000 to 2,00,000 to cater to your needs. This money can be withdrawn at any time and used to repay the borrowed funds in a flexible mode of payment.

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