Impaired Driving Lawyer Toronto; What to Know

People who drive to earn a living through it know how important a driver’s license is important. People make mistakes, and a driver being charged with drugs or an offence related to alcohol can be devastating. The good news is, when faced with such a conviction, you can always contact an impaired driving lawyer Toronto to represent you in court.

These lawyers are qualified and skilled, and they will do all they can to get you out of that mess. Since an impaired driving lawyer Toronto has the experience, he/she does his best to resolve drinking and driving offences, without you going for trial and pleading guilty. You just need to call a lawyer as soon as you are caught with such an offence.

  • Difference Between “Over 80” And Impaired Driving

According to an impaired driving lawyer Toronto, over 80 is a phrase used to refer to the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood per 100 milliliters of blood. This means that you have more than 80 milligrams of alcohol in your system. This is detected through a blood test, or a breathalyzer test, both done by the police on the victim. Being accused for this offence does not matter with your physical appearance, whether you seem sober or not.

  • Impaired Driving Or Impaired Care And Control

When a person is charged with impaired driving charges, it means that the police officer used physical observations of the victim. They could be driving or controlling a motor vehicle when not sober. Physical observations can show when a person is swaying, unsteady or has a slurred speech.

  • Refusing A Demand

Failing to obey what the police are demanding you to do is a criminal offence treated as over 80. According to an impaired driving lawyer Toronto, this happens when a police officer tells a person to produce their driving license, to take a blood test and they are reluctant to do so.

  • Consequences You Will Suffer With An Alcohol Related Driving Conviction

Alcohol related offences come with serious consequences, which could go beyond a fine of $1000 and conviction. First time offenders can be charged with one year suspension. As the number of times you commit the offence increases, so are the consequences. You can also get a criminal record on this site for being convicted of alcohol related driving offence.. Convicts are also enrolled for rehabilitation programs, and a complete driver training. When convicted with this offence, you need to get a specialized expertise to represent you. As time goes by, so do the laws related to alcohol related convictions change. Some of the changes that were made include

  1. Police can demand the accused to provide samples like blood for carrying out a test, or ask the accused to perform a physical test.
  2. It was made compulsory for physical tests to be done on drivers to check for drug impairment. Failure to this is breaking the law.
  3. There was a demand for the victim to provide bodily fluids for testing after a physical evaluation has been carried out.
  4. There was an additional offence of the accused causing death or bodily harm for driving over 80.
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