How to Play Netball: A Beginner’s Guide to the Sport

 Netball is a sport much like basketball, wherein the objective of the game is to shoot the ball into a ring hung 10 feet above the ground. Netball is played by two teams, each having seven players. There is no dribbling, and the ball has to be passed from one person to the other within three seconds. Typically, each game lasts for 60 minutes and is predominantly played by women.

As the most popular team sport for women in Australia, millions of people are actively participating, continually purchasing and upgrading their netball equipment.

What Are the Rules of the Game?

Though identified and generally accepted as a woman’s sport, boys, men, and mixed teams are more than welcome to participate. The rules are simple.

To begin, players must be divided into two teams. The main goal of the game is to score more points than the opposing team. Each game lasts one hour, divided into quarters (or four rounds) consisting of 15 minutes each. A referee will be on standby to monitor the match, and they blow the whistle after every quarter.

Standard netball usually consists of seven players, although games can still resume with at least five players. Each player is given a position that will dictate each of their placement and movement. These positions include the Goal Shooter, Goal Attack, Wing Attack, Centre, Wing Defense, Goal Defense, and Goalkeeper.

Any player who moves away from their assigned position will be set offside.

Members need to think fast and act faster because once they have the ball, they can’t move any more than 1.5 steps and hold the ball for more than three seconds before passing to the next player. The only way to score a goal in netball is through passing the ball to the right players, mainly the Goal Shooter or the Goal Attack. When they successfully shoot the ball through the other team’s ring, then they earn a point.

At the end of the four rounds, each team’s score will be accumulated, and the team with the higher score wins the game.

What Are the Equipment Needed to Play Netball?

Similar to most team sports, there should be proper netball equipment and gear to play the game well and the first of which are goal posts. Unlike basketball, netball goalposts don’t have a backboard. They’re positioned at the height of 10 feet, where a net hangs from the post.

The next piece of equipment required is a ball. It weighs around half a kilogram. It’s not too light or too heavy, making it easier to pass around without exerting too much pressure on the body.

Since this is a team sport, the player uniform is part of the necessary gear. In some cases, coloured jerseys represent the team; other times, a simple and athletic dress can suffice for players. Having a uniform allows players to move more fluidly and easily distinguish team members from the opponents. Additionally, once the game starts, players wear a bib to indicate their respective positions.

Lastly, appropriate shoes and necessary support gear prevent accidents and injuries. So, knowing the right netball equipment to use matters.

Netball is a good form of exercise that keeps the blood pumping and the body constantly moving. It requires a lot of stamina and core strength for endurance. As much as it is exhausting, it is also a lot of fun to play.

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