How to make the best of your online sampling campaign

Recommended Techniques for Product Sampling

Most companies know that user reviews and ratings can be an effective strategy for boosting traffic, conversions, and insights. Product sampling companies use a quick and efficient technique to gather more of this potent material, like a free sample product tactic.

According to Samplrr, sampling companies target companies and retailers who run product sampling programs and have an average review completion rate of 85%. Some clients report participation rates of as much as 97%. Continue reading to discover six recommendations to help you make the most of your product sample campaign.

  1. Be aware of what you want to achieve.

You may want to get a lot of reviews for one product in particular, or you want to get reviews for a variety of things in your product catalog. In either case, it’s critical to comprehend your ultimate objective to manage a fruitful product sampling program.

To attain high coverage—the number of products with reviews—some manufacturers and retailers send out a small number of samples for a broad range of goods. This is crucial since, on average, Samplrr customers see a 108% increase in traffic, a 65% boost in conversion, and a 92% lift in sales when they go from showing 0 reviews to at least 1 rating for a particular product.

Some companies aim to gather plenty of reviews for a single product. Prior to product launches, this method can be utilized to produce a large amount of content. The reviews that follow assure potential customers to buy while also offering brand and store information to find and address any product defects before launch.

  1. Recognize your target market

Ensure that the recipients of your samples are in your target market. In turn, you’ll experience higher review collecting rates because you’ll be distributing to more interested receivers as a result. Here are a few techniques for doing this:

  • Survey requests

Always send surveys with specific questions about your items to people who might receive samples. For instance, you might inquire if the receiver has had any girls under the age of five and ten if you’re conducting a sampling program for a toy train. A new survey should be sent for each campaign, too. This guarantees that you are delivering your samples to interested and active people, resulting in higher collection rates.

  • Develop your database

Working with a sampling service with a database of clients from various backgrounds is advantageous. For instance, over the past ten years, the Samplrr sampling system has been developed to ensure that all prospective demographics can be reached by our customers. Samplrr is able to target particular client personas for various marketing as a result. We use qualifying questions to filter our database for each campaign before only giving samples to respondents who precisely match the requirements of our clients. For every campaign, we also gather real-time data points and double-check contact information.

  1. Recognize which goods are best suited for marketing campaigns.

We at Samplrr have discovered that these three categories of items benefit most from product sample campaigns:

  • Product introductions

Conduct a sampling campaign before releasing new products to ensure many reviews are accessible. A product without reviews is far less likely to be bought by customers. A recent survey indicated that 45% of consumers would utilize a search engine to locate a product if there are no (or enough) reviews available on a brand’s or retailer’s website.

  1. Plan the timing of your sampling campaign

It’s a frequent myth that you must wait until a product is online on your website before launching a sampling campaign. Run these efforts instead before the product goes live to ensure a successful launch with lots of reviews.

  1. After customers receive their samples, send post-purchase emails

Sampling companies provide strategies such as free sample products. Once the recipients have received their samples, send Obtain Emails to them inviting them to leave a review for their product. Additionally, make it simple for people to post a review; don’t require them to sign into a website to submit content about your goods. Instead, be sure to include a direct connection to the present a review form in the collect message you send.

Free sample products show us how exactly the product is. With Samplrr, we notify the participants via email that the product has been dispatched (with a tracking number when available). The submit a review form is also attached to this email. To increase the likelihood that we will be paid, we then send several follow-up emails.

  1. Conduct appropriate badge reviews

In terms of product sampling, openness is essential. Consumers provided by sampling companies test free sample products. Indicate which evaluations have been written as a consequence of the sampling program to maintain confidence and transparency.

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