How To Make A Big Impression With Your Wedding Invitation

When it is your wedding you are talking about, it can be something you have waited and dreamt of for years.

You want everything to be perfect and it starts with sending your guests the wedding invitation of your dreams. While it may seem that going the traditional route may be a good idea, there are many ways you can merge it with modern. The idea is to make a big impression so that your guests know they can expect a fun wedding.

Here are some ideas you can use to design the perfect wedding invite.

The Quality of Stationery

The first thing to pay attention to is the stationery you select. It is best to choose high-quality stationery because it affects the whole design. For instance, you may choose a lovely wedding invite but if the quality is thin, then the end result will not come as good as expected.

There are some great materials out there to choose from but vellum is a modern yet very traditional one. You can play around with it and choose some beautiful customisations.

Go for an Unconventional Shape

Another way you can create a big impression is to choose an unconventional shape. The arch is a huge favourite at the moment because it lets you fit in all the information you want without looking tacky.

This is a good choice for those who are planning a traditional way of making an invitation. The arch design signifies the arched doorways, something that old villas and houses often have. So if you are having your wedding somewhere like that, this can be a lovely choice.

Handmade Beauties

A wonderful idea is to choose a handmade vellum beauty like the one that Pietra Paper Design has. 

They have an airy and luxurious feel to them without being expensive. There are many lovely colours to choose from to make your invite look exactly the way you want. The best thing about choosing from them is that they have multiple packages for you to choose from depending on your budget.

Black and White is Lovely

Another way you can make a big impression is to go for a black and white design. Use a bold font type for the maximum effect. Sometimes simplicity is the best choice and this is exactly what you can do here.

Acrylic Stationery

Acrylic wedding invites cheap have a lot going for them. One, they are available at a reasonable price. Two, the material is sophisticated and chic. The best thing is that they can be used in a variety of ways to create modern invites to create a great impression. There are many ways in which to personalise them, including painting flowers around the fonts and using colours.

Geometric Designs

Laser-cut and geometric designs go on to create some great invite designs. Geometric patterns are always lovely and when they are laser cut, they can create a very interesting invitation that people will love receiving. Needless to say, there is no end to the number of geometric designs you can choose from. All you need to find is an invite-maker who can do laser-cut designs.

If you choose this, you have to go for an inner envelope for the invite.

Minimalistic Style

Sometimes, not going overboard with hugely expensive designs and instead choosing a minimalistic style is better. If you want to create a big impression, then being simple can also count. As a couple, you may not like too much bling and a minimalistic invite can be just as perfect.

For this, choose simple fonts and wordings. The idea is to get your guests to come and celebrate your special day with you.

Getting Creative with Your Wedding Invitation

With an invite, you let guests know you are getting married so that they can come and celebrate with you. Your friends and well-wishers are obviously going to be happy to be with you on your wedding day and a beautiful invite can help you make a lovely impression. With a good invite-maker by your side, you can get your wedding invitation suite done elegantly without it costing you too much. The above ideas will certainly help you create one with your aesthetics.


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