How to Choose the Best Air Purifier

Have you started to notice that you are continually sneezing and sniffing from out of the blue? What makes it worse is that you only get it at home all the time. That could be a potential sign that your air is contaminated and that you need to clean it as quickly as possible. That would be the perfect time to get an air purifier.

However, you should know that some air purifiers in the market may not suit your needs. If you need an air purifier for asthma, you need to choose the perfect one to clean the air and prevent any allergies from forming.

You should know that air indoors is more damaging than the air outside because of the many contributing factors. Some examples that can deter your indoor air are cleaning agents, deodorants, and inkjet printers. You might think that they will not pollute the air since they rarely release any toxins. That is where you are wrong because even the tiniest particles can make their way to a person’s respiratory system and damage it over time. But when you use an air purifier, you can prevent those harmful toxins from getting into your lungs since it cleans the air right away. If you plan on purchasing one, you need to follow several tips to ensure you get the right one.

Choose Air Purifiers with True HEPA Filters

HEPA means “High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting” or “High-Efficiency Particulate Air,” which is the quality standard for physical air filtration utilized by air purifiers. If you plan on buying an air purifier for asthma, do not forget to check if it has True HEPA filters because they can efficiently clean the air. Asthmatic people should always go for air purifiers with True HEPA filters instead of Ozone-based purifiers since it mostly removes odor and not the toxins themselves.

Another great thing about True HEPA filters is that people who have low immune systems and are on dialysis can benefit from it. Even the slightest air contaminant that passes through their body will make them sick right away. You can never go wrong when with an air purifier that has True HEPA filters.

Determine the Size

If you want to place your air purifier in large spaces within your home, like the living room, it would be best to buy a larger air purifier because it needs to clean the entire space’s air. Placing a small air purifier in a big room is not an effective way of purifying the air because it will only purify a small portion.

Before buying an air purifier, you need to consider where you are going to put it. Your house has different sizes and dimensions, so you need to be precise when choosing the air purifier’s size. If you have more to spend, you can simply buy several air purifiers and place them in each area in the house if you want to purify your indoor air completely. Ensuring each part of your house’s air stays clean is the best way to provide a healthy home for you and your family.

Choosing an air purifier can be difficult, especially if you have read many reviews and comments on the internet. But as long as you note the tips mentioned above, you should have no worries about getting the right air purifier.

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