How Steakhouses are Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic

These days, steakhouses are making changes as nations slowly reopen to keep their guests comfortable and safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Regulatory standards including the new social distancing guidelines have changed how steakhouses used to operate and the type of freedom diners have before the pandemic. 

Rib N Reef steakhouse and other steakhouses have restrictions are in place to minimize the spared of COVID-19 while offering much-needed food services to the public. Keep reading to know how COVID-19 restrictions have impacted steakhouses and how they cope with the strict measures put in place:

Strict COVID-19 Restrictions 

Steakhouses and other restaurants must comply with the following restrictions:

  • The use of face coverings. Both employees and guests are required to wear face coverings. Of course, you cannot eat while wearing a face mask; however, you must do so while waiting in line or when outside the restaurant. 
  • Staying a few feet away from others. Whether you are ordering a takeaway or sitting down to enjoy your favorite steak, you must keep distance between you and the next person around you. Opened steakhouses have signs on the floor or mints that indicate where every person must stand while lining up for a takeaway order. For guests who want to be seated, the table and seats are separated with some type of barrier or enough spacing.
  • Washing hands. Steakhouses emphasize the significance of frequent handwashing. This plays an important role in keeping the virus in control. Also, proper handwashing can decrease the spread of germs from the hands of employees to food and other surfaces.
  • Cleaning and sanitization. Steakhouses clean and sanitize their tabletops and chairs every use. They are not required to have disposable menus that can’t be shared once used.  

Customer Capacity

Because of the restrictions and social distancing guidelines, steakhouses expect to have just fewer customers than before. This comes with the fact that social distancing has reduced the number of tables and chairs steakhouses can have for their customers. 

Avoidance of Foodborne Illnesses

The FDA says that no evidence shows that steaks at a steakhouse are associated with the transmission of COVID-19. But, what makes people ill are foodborne gastrointestinal viruses like hepatitis. COVID-19 is caused by SARS-CO-2, which causes respiratory illnesses. But, steakhouses are advised by the FDA to embrace daily hygiene and safe food handling practices to avoid foodborne illnesses. This is something they have been adopting even before the current pandemic. 

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