How NetbaseQuid Will Improve Your Social Media Listening Results

Social media is essential for any business in building its reputation and following. It is estimated that more than 60% of consumers use social media globally. However, about 75% of firms and companies do not know what most of their valuable customers think about them.

The use of social media listening through different tools like NetbaseQuid is an essential factor worth trying for your business. NetbaseQuid is a social media analytics platform used by global companies to run brands, connect with consumers, and build businesses. It has won several awards for being the best globally.

You can also use several other social media tools for your company, such as the HubSpot, sprout social, and Hootsuite.

So what is social media listening, and why is it essential for your company?

Social Media Listening and Social Media Monitoring

Often, these two terms go hand in hand. However, the misconception about them being the same thing is misplaced. Social media monitoring is the recognition of certain key events happening in social media. For instance, customer complaints, social media mentions, and conversations. They, however, do not analyze or respond to the customer’s needs directly.

Social media listening monitors the social media channels for the brand. They follow up on any customer’s feedback on the brand’s direct mentions using keywords, competitors, industries, and topics. Also, social media listening does some analysis to gain insight into any opportunities and act on them. Therefore, the company sufficiently meets the needs of its customers by implementing long-term strategy changes.

How Businesses Can Improve Their Marketing Strategies Using Social Media Reports and Social Media Tools

Using social media listening through NetbaseQuid helps create the content that your customers and followers want. That can be done by inventing fresh ideas based on the latest trends. The company can also improve the customer’s experience through direct customer interaction while shifting around diverse customer strategies to keep up with the customer’s news.

Still not convinced? Well, here are more elaborate reasons your company should start using social media listening.

  • Increases Brand responds while catering to the customers’ needs

According to Sprout Social, about 83% of brands, consumers like it when their concerns are given thought to. Almost 68% of the customers join in conversations taking place about a brand in social media. These numbers show that making a constant response to social media creates an enormous difference. The number of sales/purchase from a responsive brand has risen to 48%.

  • Track and protect your brand health

By analyzing recent activities in social media, a company can be able to deal with issues such as scandals, or negativity using social media listening. NetbaseQuid will help determine whether some things are worth responding to or acting upon. That’s because they understand the public’s perception of your bran and thus use their share-a -voice against your competitors.

  • Fresh business opportunities

Sometimes customers complain of the same issues repeatedly. If it is an issue worth checking upon, then the company should come up with a viable solution. Through social media tools, you can develop recent ideas that will work for you and your customers.

  • Customer acquisition

Your customers are not just loyal to your brand. Some only enjoy the content on the brand’s social media. Instead of using endless ads to keep your customers engaged, you could provide interesting, useful information that matches their taste. That will automatically draw them towards your brand.

To sum it up, social media tools are everything for any business or brand to grow socially, build a business reputation, and strengthen a brand’s image.

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