Here’s how customs brokers help in simplifying imports

Clearing goods at the border, without any delays, is the immediate concern of every importer. The long list of rules, regulations, laws and compliance requirements can make things hard, and to add to that, international trade agreements and related aspects change every now and then. When you want to import goods safely and economically, you need a customs broker, such as ClearitUSA FBA. For the uninitiated, all customs brokers in the US are licensed and regulated by Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and they ensure that clients get all the help required for simplifying imports. 

Below is a quick overview of what to expect when you hire a customs broker. 

The role of a customs broker

Customs clearance requires considerable amount of documentation. From understanding rules specific to trading with exports in another country, to applying tariff codes, duties, and taxes, a customs broker will do it all on behalf of their client. They also ensure that shipments are cleared in a timely manner, so that the client’s supply chain is not affected. Many customs brokers also offer consulting services, so if you intend to expand your business to another country, or wish to import goods in a specific niche, they can help you stay compliant and in sync with the current trade laws. 

Things customs brokers can handle

Customs brokers are experienced with things like trade agreements, tariff treatments, Harmonized Tariff Classification System (HTSA), and compliance with other agencies and applicable laws. They also help in classifying goods and do the necessary valuation, and as required, they will also calculate the duties. Goods must be marked appropriately to determine country of origin, and your customs broker will also ensure that all exemptions and refund matters are taken into consideration. Most customs brokers also do book keeping and record maintenance for their clients. 

Finding the right broker

This is the tricky part. You need a reliable and known customs broker to handle your importing needs. Check if they can handle all kinds of shipments and the extent to which their work is done online. How long it takes to sign up with a customs broker is another thing that needs attention. Keep in mind that customs brokers need to be accessible and transparent in their dealings, and you have to consider the costs, because their services shouldn’t make importing hard for your business in terms of extra costs. 

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