Fun Birthday Related Emoji That Will Scatter Confetti in Your Drab Party

In order to make celebrations grander, one thing you can do is apply the sense of fun and enjoyment into it. And emulating those emotions and feelings only needs the power and grace of emoji. With it being colorful and amusing, there is no wonder or doubt about why it was beloved by millions of people. 

And if at some point, you are concerned about not knowing and not having enough knowledge about the wondrous nature of emoji. You do not have to worry and let your mind rest. That is why we are here, to help you circumnavigate this one of a kind journey into the vivacity and vigor. So, bring in the guests, play music, pop the confetti, and let them eat cake.

Cake Emoji

You would not call it a birthday without a cake. Let me repeat it, a birthday would not be a birthday without a cake. Cake has become one of the great symbols of celebrations. May it be Christmas, New Year, Independence Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, etc. In other words, you cannot spell a celebration without a cake. Well, as it happens, you can, but you know what I mean. Actually, it is you cannot spell a party without a cake—no. But anyway, here is cake emoji to entertain you.

The cake emoji or birthday cake emoji is an attention grabber type of emoji. Its colors and design that comes with lit candles are what you usually see in a birthday celebration. Across the platform, the style of cake emoji come with different shapes and sizes. 

Microsoft has a chocolate type of cake. Google and Apple have a white frosting on it, accompanied by strawberries on top of it. Other platforms portray it with a color of pink with sprinkles or some sponge cake.

Balloon Emoji

One of the great signifiers of having a birthday party celebration is balloons. So, if you do not have balloons at your birthday party, why waste time and call it a party when you do not have the crucial ingredient in making a fun and eventful party. And if you are having a hard time designing your party, just have balloons. Balloons everywhere; you cannot have enough balloons.

The balloon emoji is characterized as having a red color and a sting at the bottom of it. Some variation of the hue of the balloon was pink for WhatsApp and orange-ish-red in Google. Samsung and Microsoft have their balloon in a blue tint, and Softbank’s balloon was denoted floating in the sky. The balloon emoji usually exhibits a lively vibe and it is essential to be happy. That is why it is utilized to convey someone’s congratulations and greet someone with a happy birthday.

Party Popper Emoji

I will not get tired of saying this, but the party would be more exciting and fabulous with the party popper. And that also applies to your messages. When using the party popper emoji on wishing your friend or family members happy birthday, it makes the greeting invigorating and thrilling than the usual drab, simple, mediocre, birthday greeting. Using the party popper emoji makes everything lit and stimulating. 

The party popper emoji is depicted with colorful confetti bursting out of the 45 degrees angled gold-colored party hat or cone. At some platform, the cone was in the hue of red on Twitter, and it is stripped on some.  It is used to show celebratory stature and convey congratulations. It is also employed during graduations, wedding days, etc. It emulates a vibrant display of emotions and generally emits good vibes.

Wrapped Gift Emoji

This vibrant and stunning emoji will put a heart in your eyes. Wrapped gift emoji is depicted with a  gold box tied with a red bow, but it varies in color in every platform. Samsung has a blue box accessorized with white dots and tied with a red ribbon. 

And it was a blue box with a red ribbon in WhatsApp. This emoji can also be used on special occasions like Christmas, Graduation, New Year, and even on boosting your business aside from birthday celebrations. Wrapped gift emoji became a part of Unicode 6.0, and ultimately in 2015, it was added to Emoji 1.0.

Partying Face Emoji

One great thing about emoji is that you can fully express your emotions through them. The partying face emoji shows joy and fun as it was illustrated with a smiling face with a party horn on its mouth and a party hat on its head. 

As if the fun is not delineated enough, it also has confetti floating around its head. So this would be a great fit to use when wishing or getting someone a happy birthday as it exudes delight and jubilation.


When you think that emoji is just a simple generational clique, then politely say that you are wrong. Everyone is using and bearing the merriment, liveliness, vibrancy, brightness, and jollification of it. So, if you want to turn the party up, set the speakers in full volume, display your pastel decorations, play some lively music, and do not forget to put some emoji on your invitations.

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