Four Essential Components of Sharing Economy Background Check Services

Sharing assets is not a new phenomenon; people have been sharing and trading excess resources since the beginning of time. But using the internet to facilitate sharing is new. The internet makes it easier for asset owners and seekers to find one another. Idle cars, spare bedrooms, office space, and even excess fashion are bought, sold, and rented freely in the shared economy. 

A critical component of the success of a sharing economy business model is trust. Cutting out the middlemen requires a higher level of trust than the standard business model. Trustworthy contractors build your brand and give you the edge you need to succeed. Using professional online background screening services helps you build a sense of safety and confidence with your customers. 

Four Essential Components of Background Check Services

If you’re a player in the gig economy, partnering with a background service company is a sound business strategy. Look for the following four essential elements:


The sharing economy moves quickly; transactions occur at the speed of the internet. Sharing economy background checks need to move equally as quickly. Your background check provider must be able to verify identities and credentials rapidly to keep your business moving. Getting quick results on criminal searches, driving histories, and identity checks keeps your hiring process running smoothly. 


Your platform is the key to your sharing economy success. Advanced API from your background screening partner allows you to automate every step of the background check process using your choice of technology. 


Whether you need to run one background check each month or a dozen checks a day, your screening partner must offer scalable, customizable solutions to meet your business needs. Different levels of screening give you the option to run basic checks first and then only dig deeper when necessary.  


Regulations within both the sharing economy and the background check industry are changing and evolving almost every day. You’ve got enough to keep up with; let your background check service provider handle all the compliance issues for you. Reputable screeners stay on top of the latest compliance regs to guarantee that your business stays on the right side of the law. From consent forms to adverse action notifications and everything in between, a good partner has all the compliance bases covered. 

Trust Is Everything

If you’re not actively working to build trust, you’re quickly falling behind. In the sharing economy, trust is the most valuable commodity. Background checks help you build trust with your users, which in turn builds your brand and your reputation. 

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