Everything You Need to Know About Teddy Bear Dog Breeds

Have you ever heard of teddy bear dog breeds? They’re popular dog breeds that are rising stars among the millions of dogs in the world.

If you’re on the search for a new companion for your family, these little dogs may be the right choice. Keep reading to learn all about the teddy bear breed!


The thing about the types of teddy bear dogs is that they’re not a single breed. Instead, they’re a mix of two or more breeds so that the resulting pup has all the traits everyone loves.

The main thing that makes a teddy bear dog what they are, is their short but fluffy fur and lovable small size.

The good news is that, by knowing the origin dog breeds, you’ll have a better understanding of the teddy bear dog that you bring into your home. Common teddy bear breeds include:

  • Poodle
  • Shih Tzu
  • Bison Frise
  • Pomeranian


If you and your family are looking for sweet dogs, then look no further. Teddy bear pups have very similar personalities as their base breeds, making them friendly and affectionate. They’re some of the most cuddly dogs you’ll ever meet!

These dogs are also great with other dogs, doing well in many different types of social situations. This makes teddy bear dogs great companions for other dogs in the house, too.

They’re not overly active, either, which makes them easy for a busy family. Walks for bathroom breaks and a little bit of playtime is all teddy bear dogs need to stay healthy.


A teddy pup is always a small dog, regardless of their age. They’ll remain short in stature but big in spirit. As long as they stay healthy, they’ll be easy to pick up.

This makes them work well with children and for anyone looking for a dog that doesn’t cause too much destruction in the house.


One of the most defining traits of a teddy bear dog is its short but fluffy fur coat. Despite the fluff-factor, they don’t shed as much as you’d think. If you hate cleaning away excessive shedding off your clothes, then these dogs are the right match for you.


Due to their origins, teddy bear dogs are very intelligent and eager to learn. They are attentive during training sessions and aim to please their owners. They’ll have no trouble picking up simple commands and are open to learning more advanced tricks under a patient teacher.

Teddy bear pups don’t require too much activity, but they do have trouble with staying out of places they don’t belong. Their curious natures make them inquisitive no matter how many times they’re scolded. Make sure to block them from dangerous places until they’re trained. 

Teddy Bear Dog Breeds Are the Perfect Family Companions

Now that you know the basics of all the adorable teddy bear dog breeds, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision when choosing your next dog. With such sweet dispositions and fluffy appeal, every family needs a teddy bear pup!

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