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Different Range Of Evaporative Cooler Prices

If you live in quite a hot, dry area and you’re planning to invest in an evaporative cooler, you’ve made the right choice. Many people usually go back and forth on the evaporative cooler vs air conditioner debate weighing the pros and cons. One of the areas that might make you hesitate in purchasing an evaporative cooler is the cost. If you don’t recognize where exactly to begin, then there’s a chance you’ll be reluctant to make the purchase. Different factors impact the amount of money you’ll spend on an evaporative cooler in the long run. This article covers the diverse range of evaporative cooler prices; let’s dig in.

Space Size

When considering evaporative cooler vs. air conditioner prices, the size of the space also determines how much it would cost. The real efficiency of an evaporative cooler is determined by its ability to cool the room. Therefore, you would need to buy a model that covers the area you want without wasting energy. You can determine the model required by multiplying the size of the room by the ceiling height and then dividing the number by 2. This equation helps you determine the volume of cooling capacity per minute. Knowing your room size will help you purchase a cooling unit that gets the job done. The average price to cool a 100sq. Ft. is $150-$400. However, when it comes to a 1000 sq. ft, the average price falls between $1000 -$3000 square feet. It’s pretty clear that the higher space, the higher the cooling price.


The location of the evaporative cooler also determines its cooling price. One advantage of this appliance in the evaporative cooler vs. air conditioner debate is its versatility. There are four options to explore when placing an evaporative cooler in your home. You can choose to keep it on your roof, on the ground, on your windows, or invest in a portable evaporative cooler you can move around. You can purchase a mobile unit for $150 – $1500. Also, you can buy a window-mounted evaporative cooler for $750 – $2000. You can also get a ground-mounted evaporative cooler for $1500 – $5,500. The most expensive option is the roof-mounted evaporative cooler, and it goes for $2000 – $7000.

Installation Costs

Another cost you will need to duly consider when installing an evaporative cooler is the cooling cost. Portable evaporative coolers require no installation whatsoever. However, window, roof, and ground-mounted evaporative coolers usually cost $150 – $2000 for installation. A ground-mounted evaporative cooler for your whole house might cost $500 to install. Roof-mounted is the most expensive because they need to be installed professionally. There is a need for mounting, securing, and connection of ducts to facilitate the cooling process.


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