Conversion of Oil furnace to Gas Furnace.

If you are considering switching your Oil furnace to Gas furnace, you might be having a good direction in thinking. Here we are going to discuss the various aspects regarding the conversion of oil furnaces to the gas furnace.


One of the main reasons to switch from Oil to gas furnaces is to reduce the operating cost. Gas furnaces can save plenty of amounts each month, compared to the Oil furnaces. But the conversion cost is very high and a big reason, which is stopping many to convert the oil furnace into a gas furnace. But except this one-time cost, gas furnaces are very must cost-effective for the long term.

How to convert from Oil to gas furnace.

The major factor in deciding the conversion Is the availability of fuel type in your locality. If there is proper availability of natural gas through pipes into your home, you can go for the conversion. Following are the steps for the conversion.

  1. Installing a gas main: If the gas main is not installed in your household, you can call the local utility company to connect your house with the gas pipeline.
  2. Installing a gas line: If your neighborhood Is already connected to a gas main, you can connect your home through a gas line.
  3. Installing a gas furnace: If there is an availability of a gas line in your home, you simply need to get gas-fired appliances and remove your old oil tank. This can be an affordable conversion.

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What are the benefits of converting an oil furnace to a gas furnace?

  1. Cost-effective for long term

This is the Prime motivation to switch to gas furnaces. When the monthly bill of keeping your home warm during winters is low, you might feel relaxed. Although the setup cost is high, after a certain period, the overall cost you save monthly will become higher than the setup cost.

  1. High energy efficient

Gas Heating systems are generally more energy-efficient than oil heating systems, which also saves a significant amount of money in the long term.

  1. Property Value Increased

When there is a gas furnace in the house, the property value increases. If you are willing to sell or give your house on rent, you can show this additional setup to raise your demand.

  1. Stability in fuel prices

Generally, the prices of natural gas are more stable unlike the oil prices, which are a little uncertain.

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