Cargo Pants Are 2022’s Top Trend for Women, and Here’s How to Wear Them

Cargo pants are all the rage these days. Don’t believe it? Just look at all the world’s top models and celebrities, and you’ll quickly notice it too. From Elsa Hosk and the Kardashian to famous models like Gigi and Bella Hadid, cargo pants have never been more popular.

The appearance of these multi-faced pants on international runways has also helped the pants make a significant comeback. So whether you are looking for something simple to rock when running errands, on date night, or even to the office, cargo pants have you covered on all fronts. 

If you’ve ever wondered how to style cargo pants for women, you are certainly not alone. LA-based brand Sanctuary says that women’s cargo pants can be a tricky and, at times, polarizing combination to pull off. Luckily, we have plenty of tips and tricks to help you gain some major inspo.

To help you out, here are tips to help you wear cargo pants:

Wear loose-fit cargo pants for work

Cargo pants are an excellent selection for work because they are equally comfy and stylish. If you often have to move around from place to place when working, cargo pants are perfect, as you can wear them for all your outdoor projects and errands.

Wearing cargo pants for work may only be your first pick if you are a construction worker or are on your feet a lot. However, there are plenty of ways to dress up cargo pants for work. Just pair your pants with a simple, plain button-down shirt, add a pair of chunky loafers to the mix, and you will be well-dressed for an office environment.

Choose high-waisted pants for a dressier affair

If you often feel insecure about belly bulges, love handles, or belly flaps, you should make high-waisted cargo pants your best friend. High-waisted cargo pants can hide all those unsightly features we love to hate by keeping your tops and shirts tucked in the right way.

Best of all, high-waisted cargo pants will not give you a muffin top. The good thing about high-waisted cargo pants is that they can work for any body type just as long as you get the right fit. Also, pair high-waisted pants with just about any top, long-sleeve tops, and lumberjack shirts to your favorite graphic t-shirt.

Here is a little tip to ensure you’re styling your tucked-in tops. After you tuck in your shirt, try raising your arms over your head. This motion will pull out enough fabric and give you that perfect blouson around your waist.

Go for a low-rise pair of cargo pants

If you’re feeling a little risqué, why not opt for a pair of low-rise cargo pants? Undoubtedly, trends are moving towards a bolder, feminine silhouette. As a result, this is why today’s cargo pants and jeans have much lower waists. The modern rendition of low-rise cargo pants that became popularized in the 2000s is looser and baggier rather than ultra-slim fitting.

Edgy, stylish, low-slung cargo pants are much looser than other pants, which can help you add a sense of effortlessness to your look. A great-looking pair of low-slung cargo pants don’t require all the bells and whistles. You can keep things simple by adding a tank top of any kind – not necessarily cropped.

Like high-waisted cargo pants, low-slung jeans look better when you expose the waistband. If crop tops aren’t for you, the next best thing you can do is tuck in your top. Also, wearing your go-to versatile items and accessories with low-slung cargo pants is always a good idea.

Pleated cargo pants

You only get to see a few flared cargo pants for women. But if you do, we recommend snatching them up before they are all gone! What’s not to love about flared cargo pants? They are comfortable and stretchy, and they come with pockets! So many pockets!

Whether denim or cargo pants, flared pants of any kind will always look better when they fit your body like a glove. So when buying flared cargo pants, ensure they fit nicely around your waist and bottom area. 

When picking tops, avoid tops that are too long. Wearing a fitted top will generally make your silhouette appear more lengthened, streamlined, and flattering. Flared pants also look great when paired with pointy heels. As such, consider buying some to pull this look together.

Bonus tip for wearing cargo pants

When buying cargo pants, remember that less is more. So although tempted, go for something other than pants with the most pockets. The original design of cargo pants was for World War II. Back then, cargo pants only came with a single patch pocket.

When cargo pants grew in popularity, designers began adding more pockets. However, to maintain a sleek appearance, it is always best to keep your side pockets to a minimum. Whenever you can, look for cargo pants with pockets close to the hips rather than the knee area.

The pockets of your cargo pants should be flat and not sagging. These days cargo pants are available in all shapes and materials. However, you can always go right with cargo pants made from cotton, especially if you live in warmer weather. On the other hand, sturdier materials such as denim or twill will do if you buy cargo pants for winter. 

Final Thoughts

Regarding dressing up, In the 2000s, cargo pants were all the rage, and then some. However, after decade-long debates and bashing over these often baggy, multi-pocketed pants- cargo pants are popular again. Cargo pants are great because they are utilitarian and go with just about anything you have stowed in your closet.

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