Benefits of Litigation in resolving disputes

Everyone wants to ignore disputes, but sometimes situations happen in such a manner that disputes with other people may become inevitable. If the dispute cannot be resolved, you need to take proper action to solve it. Litigation has been a popular method since ages and most cases require you to undergo litigation.

Although different methods of solving disputes have come up such as alternative dispute resolution and arbitration, litigation has always been the most preferred one. It is necessary that you consult the lawyer about what would be the best method for solving.

Litigation has often been considered to be a powerful method for resolving disputes, there are other benefits of litigation some as well. Some of the prominent benefits of litigation include the following

Public record

One of the main benefits of litigation is that it helps in maintaining a public record because it is conducted by the courts. The final judgement will be offered with complete clarity. In most cases, you will be offered privacy, if required. However, the lawyers refuse to take responsibility for a leak. With the help of litigation, one may get better clarity in terms of performance. Public settings may often lead to reputational damage, but litigation only helps to solve these.


Dispute resolution requires both the parties to collaborate with each other and solve the problems. However, dispute resolution may become problematic when either of the parties refuses to cooperate. In this aspect, litigation will play an important role in maintaining deadlines thereby making it problematic to ignore. Also, this allows the problem to get easily resolved. The court may need to hear the third-party proceedings if multiple parties are involved.


The appeal for litigation has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the case and situation. The appeal may not be helpful to you, if you are already on the winning side, but appeals do have their own benefits. Over the time, appeals have been helpful for making the course of action clear. But, you may not be able to apply for arbitration.


Since a long time, litigation has been a more cost-effective option. If small disputes are to be resolved in the court, the litigators will contribute. However, the charges may be high if the case is complicated. Also, litigators are pretty quick with their work and will easily solve all the problems, which is very much the case with ADR too.

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