Benefits of ethical hacking for your business

There’s no denying that 2020 has been a rough year so far. The global economy is facing an unexpected recession, and if experts are to be believed, the pandemic is not ending anytime soon, unless vaccines get approved and distributed on a mass scale. There’s also no denying that small businesses have been hit hard, and they are likely to suffer the consequences extensively for many months to come. Nevertheless, these businesses still need to take cybersecurity on priority. 

One of the proactive measures that any business can take is to engage the security community. The security community involves ethical hackers, who can help in finding possible flaws and security vulnerabilities that cannot be found through standard network scans and penetration testing. 

How does ethical hacking work?

If you believe that your IP cameras or other networked devices are compromised, you can hire ethical hackers or run a bug bounty program. The idea is to get the DVR hacked, and if an ethical hacker can manage to the same, they are paid the promised bounty. There are several ways of running a bug bounty program, but the best idea would be to allow freedom to these hackers, so that they can actually try to penetrate your security benefits. 

What are the benefits?

When you hire ethical hackers, you are essentially taking a proactive measure, where you are trying to avoid data theft and security breaches. Every ethical hacker has one job- to find flaws and vulnerabilities, and that’s better than data being stolen by a real hacker. IT & network security can be further strengthened using the inputs of ethical hackers, and it also adds value to your brand, because clients and investors learn to trust your business better. Organizations that have engaged the security community and used ethical hacking for their benefit have managed to reduce risks, and prevent many common chances of a breach. 

More to understand

Does using ethical hackers mean that your company is entire safe? Sadly, no business is entire immune to cybercriminals, but with ethical hacking, it is possible to fix flaws, before someone else discovers the same and uses it again your business. As a small business, you don’t need a big budget to run a bug bounty program. Just do your homework well, and if required, engage a company that can manage the ethical hacking services for your team. 

Take the lead in cybersecurity today!

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