BBQs 2u’s New Offer to All Barbeque and Pizza Lovers


BBQs 2u is a popular name in UK for its excellent barbeque foods and pizzas. People just love the foods offered by BBQs 2u, which has been in the business for last 3 generations of this company.

Now, BBQs 2u will also sell ovens that can make the same foods that the company is famous for. 

BBQs 2u will now also sell and stock ovens of the following few brands:

  • Napoleon barbecues
  • Kamado Joe BBQs
  • Ooni Pizza Ovens 
  • Masterbuilt Gravity BBQs

In addition to that BBQs 2u will also sell the entire accessories of amazing Kamado Joe UK and Napoleon ovens. Since BBQs 2u is very passionate about barbecues foods and over the years have acquired a great amount of grilling experience, which will also be shared by BBQs 2u with customers too.  

The customer will have the choice to buy an oven that can either be gas-fired or charcoal-fired to prepare their BBQ.

Huge discounts are going to be offered as a part of Ooni Koda Black Friday mega-deals, where customers can buy all these products at discounted prices. Hence stocks are going to be over very soon!

One can visit the website of BBQs 2u and book their order to avoid any disappointment!

Ooni Koda pizza oven, which is one of the easiest backyard pizza ovens that are available on the market. It weighs just 20.4 pounds and can be easily hooked up to any propane tank immediately after taking it out of its packing box. For those who are looking forward to buying an outdoor pizza oven, perhaps this is the one, where one should start.

The Ooni Koda pizza oven is much easier to put together as compared to the Ooni Pro model. It measures almost 25” long and 16” wide, this makes it quite small enough so that it can easily fit on the smallest of backyard patios provided there is enough room available for a propane tank.

If it is unfolded on its tripod legs, after that one has to just slide in this cordierite pizza stone, and screw the hose onto any propane tank.

One has to just turn the dial for igniting the interior flame, which is going to arc over the top of this pizza stone to make a start. The flame intensity can then be easily adjusted by using the dial. The user will initially be surprised by looking at how thin and light this oven is!

Most of the industrial and home pizza ovens are found to be massive, with multiple metallic layers, ceramic, or brick insulation for keeping the heat in. On the other hand, the Koda is built with a thin and powder-coated carbon steel shell along with a pizza stone. 

Even though the interior temperature may remain at 800 degrees, the oven will still remain cool enough to touch from the outside. If an infrared thermometer is used at the stone, it will take 20 minutes to register 900 degrees.

Lots of advertisements about the Ooni Koda pizza oven can also be seen on various social media sites like Instagram these days.

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