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The pandemic has also affected the entertainment business like any other sector. But it has never failed the audiences with the kind of movies or web series being released online. It has given everyone a chance to enjoy some good time with their loved ones while watching movies in theatres was not possible. The Telugu industry theatrical business believes in coming up with stories that will definitely make a place in your heart.

The story and the acting skills are a specialty of the casts of the Tamil industry, so people love to watch their content. The aha medium is a suitable platform to watch some great suspense thriller web series. Here you will come to know about the popular series, Locked. Check out the information from here, so you have some idea before watching. It is a great movie and looks like an actual incident.


The Indian Telugu crime web series, Locked was aired on AHA on 30th March 2020. The important characters were played by SatyadevKancharana, Sri Lakshmi, SamyukthaHornady, and Inturi Vasu. Directed and written by Pradeep Deva Kumar, the movie is produced by K.S. Madhubala, Ram Ganesan, and Shanmuga Raja. NijaiGowthaman gives the cinematography, and the story is of a neurologist. The web series will keep you engrossed, and it starts with a dimly lit house with a head-shaved young adult having a surgical scar on the head. It is about a neurosurgeon, Dr. AnandChakravarthy, and what happens when he gets trapped in his house.

Simultaneously, PadminiBhaama and Vaishnavi plan to steal money from the doctor’s house. Unfortunately, they get caught, and after that, the three of them get trapped in the house. It seems like a dark thriller and can be categorized as a chamber drama, a psychological crime thriller, and a thriller. With seven episodes, it shows what the three of them do after getting locked in the house. It ends on a high note indicating that the second season will soon be coming up.

Why watch the Indian Telugu web series?

Well, different web series is released, but the Indian Telugu content has some great essence. If you ever start watching one of them, you would never like to miss whichever gets released the next. Significantly, the storyline, the casting, the direction, and every other thing, are just perfect.

When you watch the series, it feels like you see a real-life story. From nowhere, you will feel its reel, so people love watching all content. The performance of every character is so unique that you will never feel like it’s repetitive.

In the end 

Well, it’s time to take out some time and watch locked web series. Watching some entertainment shows will freshen up your mind, and you will feel more energetic when you start working again. It is also an excellent way to take out some time from your busy schedule and spend it with your family. Well, from now on, do not miss the Telugu web series that’s being launched online.

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