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A Guide on the Use of American Residential Warranty Contracts


American residential warranty contracts are print descriptions of the repair and replacement services of home systems and appliances. Residential warrants offer different coverage plans; hence you need to do sufficient screening of your objectives before approaching the warranty companies.

For newbie homeowners, it is essential if you purchased an American residential warranty cover. Why? These are safety nests which cut the extra cost which arises when you have system or appliances breakdown. Most newbies lack the basics of home maintenance, so partnering with professional American residential companies is essential.

What’s covered in a residential warranty plan?

There are different types of American residential warranty covers provided by various companies.  We have the system coverage plan, specific appliance and general plans. The type of cover you purchase should guide your budget and the services you require. Some of the devices covered in warranty policies include ovens, heating and cooling systems, fans, electrical and plumbing systems. Before you commit to any warranty, you should do enough homework to see if it meets your demands. Outdoors, permit fees, haul-ways, garage doors and pools may not be included in the policies. However, some companies provide contracts with this inclusion; thus, you need to read carefully through the terms and conditions.

When can a warranty claim be declined?

American residential service warranties come with different operating periods depending on the company’s specification. Some could be monthly or annual subscriptions. Service claim is declined when a homeowner has an expired warranty contract. 

Homeowners should employ regular home maintenance to improve the quality of their systems. Warranty claims are also declined to incase the current issue occurred before the closing period. Other reasons which lead to service claim decline include faulty installation and personal carelessness causing unusual breakdowns.

How do residential warranties function?

Once you have purchased your residential warranty coverage, communication with the warranty company is free on a 24/7-time clock. When you need to make a service claim, here are the steps followed; 

  • The moment you experience system or appliance failure, you should communicate with the warranty company to inform them.  The claim can be made online through its portal or direct call to the customer care desk.
  • On receiving the notification, the warranty company communicates with a professional service provider with a business agreement.
  • The service provider contacts the homeowner to create an appointment based on their availability.
  • After agreeing on the day, the provider visits the home, corrects the problems if the products are under your coverage plan. Whether doing repairs or replacement, the warranty company pays all the expenses as defined in the warranty coverage contract.
  • When more problems arise after the fixing, the homeowner should notify the warranty company. Some company warranties come with a service guarantee period which varies from company to company. Therefore, you need to comprehend the terms and conditions of your coverage contract before signing up.
  • Finally, some trade fee is made by the homeowner to the service provider. The amount is bargainable, so before getting the policy, these are some of the things you must inquire from the company.


Like any other contract, one is supposed to have a clear understanding of the contract’s components. Skim the terms and conditions of the residential warranty service contracts to know what is included to avoid unnecessary conflicts with the warranty company


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