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6 Noteworthy Features to Consider for Wholesale Garden Pots

Do you have a green thumb? If you like working with potted plants, one of the most important supplies you’ll need is wholesale garden pots. Here’s an interesting fact: The world’s largest flower pot is an Airbus A380 passenger airliner that includes about a half-million fresh flowers, according to View From the Wing. Even if you just want to plant one flower pot, it’s critical to know what to look for when shopping for new garden pots, so you can boost your flower power.


There are lots of different styles to pick from. They can range from natural clay pots to more exotic styles like flacon.

If you’re unfamiliar with certain styles, it’s important to research what they’re about. It can help you pick a pot that suits any theme or motif you want to maintain in your garden.

You can take the same approach in picking the pots’ colour. Basic options include white, green, and blue, while more exotic options include mauve and chevron. Just like rarer designs, you should consider researching certain hues you’re unfamiliar with to make sure you wisely choose plant pots.


When picking a new flower pot, the “size matters” rule certainly applies. Before picking a flower pot, it’s important to consider factors like the plant’s type and height. However, you should not pick a new pot size based on the potted plant’s current diameter.

Here are some guidelines. If the pot has a diameter that’s 10 inches or smaller, then pick a pot that’s 1 or 2 inches larger. Meanwhile if the diameter is 10 inches or larger then pick a pot with a diameter that’s 2 or 3 inches bigger. This will give your plant some wiggle room.


The pot’s material can affect various factors, including its form and function. For example, a basic clay pot is a good option for a classic look. Meanwhile, other materials can provide a glossier texture if you want your potted plants to have better aesthetics.

Another key factor is moisture retention. For example, porous pots like terracotta have a porous surface. It means they tend to dry out faster and absorb chemicals and heavy metals.

Indoor/Outdoor Plants

Australia’s temperature range can be as high as 35°C (95°F) in summer, and as low as 3°C (37°F) in winter. When picking flower pots, it’s important to consider whether your pot will be an indoor plant, outdoor plant, or something in-between.

Here are the main types and features of plant containers:

  • Pot: Small, round, and single-plant
  • Planter: Larger, rectangular, and multi-plant


Make sure any pots you pick have enough drainage holes since it’s an important factor for plant health. This helps the plants grow well, and the roots to get enough oxygen. Watch out for potting mix with sour smells since this could be a sign of bad drainage. Quite simply, the plants will drown if enough water doesn’t flow through the pot.


When considering a garden pot’s weight, there are other factors besides the weight of the plant. For example, consider that wet soil is much heavier versus dry soil, so this will make it tougher to transfer the pot when necessary.

When planting potted plants on decks or balconies, it’s important for the structural capacity to be high enough to support flower pots with their contents of plants, soil, and water.

When selecting wholesale garden pots, you have several factors to consider. They include the container’s size, material, and drainage. Weighing the issues can help you select the best planter for your plant.

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