6 Different Virtual Facial Expressions Through Emojis

The swift advancement of technology has heavily adjusted our ways of living daily. Although it has its pros and cons, we could appreciate it more if we focus and maximize the positive effects it can inflict. Communication has transformed from handwritten letters to e-mails, e-mails to text messages, and text messages to online chatting.

Emojis have existed for the past years and have allowed us to express our emotions better despite communicating through typewritten words only. Although video calls are the best online communications platforms, emojis play a vital role in producing more connecting and engaging conversations through text messages or online chatting. 

Happy Face Emoji

The Grinning Face with Big Eyes or Happy Face Emoji is widely used to generate a positive and optimistic aura in many conversations. For you to show anticipation, excitement, and happiness, this emoji shows a round face with wide-open eyes and a big smile. This emoji was introduced way back in 2010 and is now part of the Unicode 6.0. 

Although emojis appear in different variations depending on the platform and device brand you are using, the Happy Face Emoji always expresses sincere happiness. If someone shares a joyful experience and you want to let him/her know you feel the same way too, add this emoji to your message to convey your emotions better.

Astonished Face Emoji

For you to show amazement, surprise, disbelief, shock, awe, concern, or admiration, use the Astonished Face Emoji! This emoji shows big wide-open eyes and a mouth saying “wow” while in the middle of the word. Like the Happy Face Emoji, it is also introduced way back in 2010 and is also qualified to be part of the Unicode 6.0. 

If your family member or close friend shares an outstanding achievement with you, it is better to use the Astonished Face Emoji to make them feel how impressed you are with their achievement. No matter how big or small their achievement may be, it is always best to appreciate and emphasize that you also value their accomplishment. 

Pleading Face Emoji

Are you trying to make that puppy look to ask someone a favor? Use the Pleading Face Emoji to get what you are asking for in an instant! Emojis may be simple and underrated, but it might surprise you how its drama can change how people decide. This emoji was introduced in 2018 and is part of Unicode 11.0. 

The Pleading Face Emoji’s glassy eyes express that you are almost in tears just by asking for that favor. Yes, emojis are virtual emotions only, but people can see the real you and how you do the actual expression through these emojis you are using. 

Tired Face Emoji

In the current pandemic situation, most people are on the verge of giving up. Many feel tired and weary of the consecutive stressful and depressing events that transpired during this year. Although we must continue to stay positive despite all these, it is not far possible for us to feel slightly low since we are just humans. 

The Tired Face Emoji shows a face with a big frown, furrowed eyebrows, and X-shaped eyes. This emoji was also introduced in 2010 and is also part of Unicode 6.0. You can use this emoji to express your tiredness and get the comfort you need from your loved ones. We must never face these hardships alone; we can also seek professional help to manage our mental health. 

Face Screaming in Fear Emoji

You and your friend are probably chatting about the latest horror films to use this emoji. The Face Screaming in Fear Emoji is used to express extreme fear, especially with the pale blue forehead and hands pressed on the cheeks part. Imagine chatting with your friend about something scary without these emojis? 

Loudly Crying Face Emoji

Sadness could come from different angles and various reasons. You can use this emoji to express the loneliness you are enduring and converse with the person you feel most comfortable with. 


The invention of video calls in different online platforms has improved every detail in online communication and has made it more sensual and comprehensive. However, we cannot avoid time constraints and schedule conflicts in this fast pace, busy world. We usually communicate through text or chat instead of engaging in video calls. 

Emojis may appear simple and casual, but their impact on our daily conversations are good. We can easily express our emotions towards our friends and loved ones just by sending a single emoji. We can let them feel hugs and kisses with these emojis, and brighten up their day by using these smiles and remind them how we usually behave when they are around. We hope our article helps you out in using the right emojis to add to your conversations to make them more engaging and lively.

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