5 Smart TV Functions, Not Just for Watching!

Modern TVs, aka smart TVs, are flatter in size so they are easy to place on a table or hang on a wall. The TV is also equipped with HD (high definition) features and other specifications. So that it is not only used to watch soap operas. What are the advantages?

These 5 Smart TV Functions to Simplify Your Life:

  1. Opening Websites via TV

Tired of seeing a small notebook screen? If you have a smart TV, then the screen can be made to open a website. This television can act like a computer, because it is embedded with a special processor. There is even a television that is also equipped with a keyboard like a personal computer.

Before buying a smart TV, ask how advanced the processor is. The price of this type of TV is quite high, so don’t let you lose because you buy a television with an ordinary processor but the price is very expensive. Try to browse and read reviews on the website of the latest gadget reviewers. Try looking for Smart IP TV on

  1. Watching Events on Youtube The

price of a smart television type TV can be above 2 million rupiah, because this gadget is multifunctional, it can also be used to broadcast events on Youtube. For parents, for example, when they are going to cook and their toddler wakes up before dawn, look for a special children’s channel on Youtube. So, he can watch it and not disturb the concentration of parents in the kitchen. Do not forget to turn on the internet network, so that the connection is smooth.

When watching a program on Youtube, the image will not be broken because the video resolution is too small. The trick, choose the video with the largest resolution (usually 720) or look for videos that have high definition resolution. The program of watching songs on Youtube is as clear as when we watch music shows on ordinary television.

  1. Replacement Monitor on Computer

Monitor is badly damaged and can’t be repaired anymore? If you haven’t had time to buy a new one, just use a smart TV instead of a monitor. The advantage is that the monitor screen size is very large, at least 20 inches. So, deh, satisfied staring at the screen and working with the maximum. Smart TVs are designed to make our lives easier, even though the price of this type of TV is quite high.

  1. Recording Favorite Shows

If you have a favorite show on television, then the smart TV can record it, so that herbal medicine can watch it again at the end of the week. With a note, the TV must be connected to an internet connection, because this recording facility is a facility from the internet service provider in our homes.

  1. Playing Games

On advanced gaming equipment, you need a smart TV to display pictures and games that follow. If you only use a regular tube TV, the resolution is less, because it can’t capture smooth graphics.

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