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5 Foolproof Tips When Buying Bed Linens 

Your bedroom is one of the most critical sections of your home. Bed linens are important homewares or bedding accessories to give you that ultimate comfort. Your bed is one of the focal points in your home that requires special attention. 

Creating a relaxing atmosphere means you need to choose an excellent quality bed, mattress, and of course, linens. While many people are splurging on pricey memory foams, down comforters, and air humidifiers to improve their sleep quality, they often overlook the importance of bed linens. 

The rule here is you don’t make the same mistake on purchasing poor-quality linens. It’s imperative to invest also on linens considering that we spend about one-third of our entire lives sleeping. 

After all, your bed linens are an essential part of your bed that directly touches your skin. So, its quality will surely affect the quality of your sleep. 

With a myriad of options available online, you must follow these tips in choosing excellent-quality bed linen. 

1. Determine the Thread Count

The bed linen’s thread count always matters if you want it to be very comfortable. Thread count is an indicator of the linen’s quality. A thread count measures the smoothness and fineness of the linen’s fabric. It determines the quality by counting the number of threads per square inch. 

The higher the thread count, the better the quality. The most recommended thread count is the 400-percale sheet with 400 single picks. It has a cooler and crispier feeling that’s just right to touch your skin. 

2. Choosing the Materials Used

Another important thing you must remember is the type of material you’re choosing for the linens. But it all comes down to personal preferences most of the time. Base the linen material on your preferred clothing material since it’s what you wear most comfortably matters most. 

There are various types of materials used in linen. These are: 

  • Linen: Best for warmer climates since it has a smoother and cooler feel. But it’s also one of the most expensive types of materials out there. 
  • Cotton: Aside from durable, cotton is soft and warm to rest on. It also has one of the best-quality materials for linen. 
  • Supima Cotton: These long-staple fibres are known for its sheen and softness that is a cheaper version of the regular cotton. 
  • Poly-blend: This wrinkle-resistant material is light and has a very smooth surface and ideal for colder climates. 

3. Look into Patterns

The patterns and designs of these homewares play a big role in your bed’s overall style. Interior designers suggest having a combination of small to large scale patterns (using a colour palette) that complement each other. It always boils down to personal preferences, so it’s more convenient if you combine different prints and patterns on your own. 

4. Use Linens Fit for the Season

Linens are all about the seasonality. Always remember that linens are made from different materials. So, it’s best to choose linens that suit with the season. If it’s winter season, choose thick and warm linen to give you a cosier sleep. If it’s summer, choose light and cool linen to work with the warmer nights easily. 


Now that you know how to pick the right linen for your bed, you’re more than ready to shop either online or at your local home depot. Just remember to choose the linen you are the most comfortable with. It’s important to choose what suits your personal preferences because it’s your sleep that matters the most. 

Also, it’s important to treat your linens with extra care to make them last longer. Always follow the wash instructions properly to maintain quality. 


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