3 challenges in recruiting IT talent

IT recruitment is a big challenge for any recruiter, regardless of their professional level. Most of the difficulties stem from the lack of human resources in the labour market, and with the huge demand for IT specialists, the recruitment process is becoming increasingly difficult.

To fill staff shortages, companies need candidates who add value to the organization and are focused on developing a career in the industry. 

3 challenges for IT recruiters

Digital skills gap

One of the biggest challenges in the recruitment process is the lack of digital skills, which are so necessary in the technology field. Today, there are a huge number of job vacancies in the labour market due to a lack of specialists, but they are very hard to find. IT jobs requiring special technical skills are hard to fill, as there are no well-trained candidates to take on such tasks.

Online recruitment

Following the effects of the pandemic that people have experienced, most companies have turned to an online recruitment process to fill vacant positions. Although online recruitment has advantages and disadvantages, it still represents a challenge for most recruiters. 

Virtual recruitment can be quite impersonal, and many recruiters notice candidates who would not face a physical interview at the company’s premises. 

There are a number of jobs that absolutely require direct meetings between the candidate and the employer. A management position, for example, requires a face-to-face interview rather than an online one.

A recommended practice in this case is to turn to external recruitment services, such as the IT recruitment agency AMS Accelerate IT , which has a well-trained team ready to select the best possible candidates for available positions.

So, in order to select the best employees in a short time, outsourcing IT recruitment services is an excellent solution for any company.

Requires a long time

Due to the lack of specialists in the field, the recruitment period is extended, which can affect the operation of companies that want to grow and provide quality services. So it is a real challenge for a recruiter to find the perfect candidate in time.

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