You know what’s really wondrous about Wonder Woman? It’s not that she can fight in that outfit without any wardrobe malfunctions or that she manages to battle bad guys without getting hair all over her face. I wouldn’t even say it’s the fact that she’s more powerful than Batman but still somehow ends up taking orders from him.

It’s her clothes and accessories.

It turns out that old adage to accessorise is true after all (that adage is “accessorise, accessorise, accessorise”). Do you see Superman accessorising? Batman technically does, but those are more boy toys and gadgets rather than accessorising. Even Aquaman only has a trident and some fish scales on his costume. Nobody accessorises like Wonder Woman.

So here are Wonder Woman’s wondrous accessories. Maybe if you collected them all, you’d be as wondrous as she is!

1. The Lasso of Truth

It is pretty amazing that Wonder Woman carries a lasso, of all weapons. It’s also known as the Lariat of Hestia, the Magic Lasso of Aphrodite, the Golden Lasso, among other names. A character bound by the Lasso of Truth has to tell the truth, thanks to its magical enchantments.

Though it’s very powerful and tough, the Lasso of Truth is not unbreakable. Several villains have broken the lasso before, and even Wonder Woman herself has been shown to be able to snap the Lasso of Truth in an alternate universe. Of course, this always comes with terrible consequences.

2. The Aegis of Athena

The Aegis is a shield that Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, wielded. From the Aegis, Wonder Woman’s indestructible bracelets were created. You often see Wonder Woman using her lightning reflexes to parry attacks with her forearm guards, like bullets and lightning bolts.

Lightning bolts? Yes, despite her bulletbroof bracelets being made of metal, a conductor of electricity, she can somehow deflect lighting bolts. It doesn’t quite make sense, but it looks pretty cool anyway!

3. Tiara

If you think Sailor Moon was the first superheroine to fling tiaras at bad guys, you’re wrong. Wonder Woman has been doing it for far longer, although her tiara is usually less lethal.

Since Wonder Woman is traditionally able to hold her own with just her fists, her tiara doesn’t always see action. It’s only when she needs a ranged attack that’s beyond the reach of her Lasso of Truth that she resorts to flinging her tiara. But when she flings the tiara, it always hits. Always.

4. Sword

Wonder Woman is also a skilled melee combatant, and her combat prowess is increased when she decides to wield her sword. Although not usually given a name, her sword is sharp enough to cut the electrons off an atom. In many cases, it’s been shown to be sharp enough to hurt Superman himself, thanks to its magical properties.

It’s not just about the sword though. As the clip above shows, Wonder Woman would be deadly using any sort of weaponry. A magical, super sharp sword just makes her all the more formidable.

5. Invisible Jet

Wonder Woman isn’t into fancy cars, in case you’re wondering. In fact, the deco of her vehicle doesn’t matter – because it’s invisible.

That’s right. Wonder Woman gets around using the Invisible Jet. In many cases, the Invisible Jet can also make Wonder Woman invisible, so that it doesn’t look like she’s flying around in a sitting position.

Some versions of Wonder Woman explain that her jet is actually a plane with very powerful camouflaging capabilities that can enter an invisible stealth mode, just that it’s permanently stuck on stealth mode. It’s a slightly convoluted explanation, but it’s better than nothing!

6. Purple Healing Ray

The Purple Healing Ray in the comics. Credit: Pinterest

The Purple Healing Ray in the comics. Credit: Pinterest

What happens when Wonder Woman gets hurt? She doesn’t pop pills – instead, she turns to the Purple Healing Ray of the Amazons to treat her wounds. It’s even capable of bringing back people from the dead, although we’re pretty sure it doesn’t exist in the DC Extended Universe (otherwise it would have seen use by now).

Unfortunately, the Purple Healing Ray can’t cure cancer, nor can it cure wounds inflicted by gods.

Wonder Woman. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Wonder Woman. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

As you can see in the poster above, Wonder Woman turns up in the Wonder Woman film all decked out in her tiara, bracelets, lasso, and even a stylish leather bag. While we don’t advocate dressing like Wonder Woman (wouldn’t want anyone to be arrested for indecent exposure), you should check out what Gal Gadot is wearing in Wonder Woman!

She plays the Amazonian warrior princess who arrives in Man’s World to save humanity. Unlike Superman or Batman, Wonder Woman isn’t angsty – in fact, she relishes being a superheroine. With a love interest like Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who wouldn’t?

Catch Wonder Woman in cinemas (and if you loved the original Christopher Reeve Superman films, we promise you’ll love Wonder Woman) (the first two Superman movies that is) now!


Credits: Pinterest, Golden Village Cinemas