Namiya, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, The Time Traveler’s Wife – these are all great films, but they ignore one rather critical fact – what living, breathing, logical human beings would ever do if they had the ability to time travel. Let’s face it, it’s nice to be all sappy about going back in time to confess your love or relive certain events, but there are two things that we’d all do if we could time travel.

Make money and save lives.

Think about it – even an 11-year-old child could tell you about the huge potential for moneymaking or lifesaving if they’ve had at least an hour to think about what they could do with the ability to time travel. Most time travelling films give their protagonists days to muse over their time travelling ability, and strangely, they almost never come to the following conclusions we did (and we only took five minutes).

So let’s be real, movie producers. If you ever make a movie about time travelling, please at least give us one scene where the main characters discuss the following issues about time travelling (so that they will seem like real people, rather than romantic suckers).

Donald Trump. Credit: FacebookDonald Trump. Credit: Facebook

Donald Trump. Credit: Facebook

1. Send warning messages about disaster

If you were an American who could time travel, what would you do?

Try your best to prevent the current Trump presidency, right? I mean, even Donald Trump himself didn’t expect or want to win the presidency. You’d redouble your efforts to help Hillary Clinton win, and not assume that her victory would be a logical outcome. Nobody thought that Clinton would lose, and this underestimation resulted in the (rather narrow) triumph of the current POTUS.

At the very least, Singaporeans who could time travel to 2011 would warn our fellow citizens about the disastrous SMRT breakdowns of December 2011 right? Imagine how much pain and suffering could have been averted. We’re betting that some lives would even have been indirectly saved, thanks to the reduced stress that this would result in.

Which leads us to a disturbing thought – if time travelling has already been invented in the future, does it mean that some terrible disasters have already been averted, and we’re living in the best possible timeline?

Talking to yourself. Credit: Pixabay

Talking to yourself. Credit: Pixabay

2. Send messages to yourself

Why wouldn’t anyone want to send messages to their past selves? Everyone has regrets. If you could prevent all those terrible life choices (like dating that terrible ex who was just using you as practice), wouldn’t you?

So it’s incredibly weird when all those time travelling characters don’t tell themselves how to spot exam questions or make better life choices. At the very least, they could have told themselves some tips about the future, so that they would could profit from it. True, it might alter the timeline, but at least it’d be altering the timeline to your benefit. It’s just baffling that all those time travelling characters don’t go and give themselves some self-help tips from the future.

Apple. Credit: Facebook

Apple. Credit: Facebook

3. Send stock tips back to the past

If you’re thinking about sending back some graph or table that will chart the fluctuations of the stock market over a certain period, you’re thinking too hard. You’d just tell people in the past to buy one company’s stock.


If you invested $1,000 in Apple 10 years ago, you’d have $6,228 today. Even better, if you had invested that same amount in Netflix 10 years ago, you’d have $51,966 today! But you might not have believed your future self if you talked about Netflix, so Apple would have been a more convincing decision.

In The Miracles of the Namiya General Store, three teenagers who can send letters to the past end up helping a former hostess become a wealthy businesswoman in a similar way. How? By telling her what will happen in the future. With that information, the hostess is able to make smart investment decisions that pay off, and allow her to make sizable profits (and thus grow her business and become a philanthropist). So at least we’ve got one movie where they address that.

The Grim Reaper. Credit: Pixabay

The Grim Reaper. Credit: Pixabay

4. Avert your own death

Everyone’s afraid of death, so it’s strange that a time traveller wouldn’t find out how he or she died and try to prevent it. Some time travelling films (such as Happy Death Day) do address this, but it’s an endless cycle, since you’d have to keep finding out how you died so that you can prevent the circumstances leading to it.

But yes, that’s what almost every rational person would do. Try to prevent their own death. Give themselves more time to realise those dreams. Or at the very least, give themselves the chance to set their affairs in order.

USD. Credit: eBay

USD. Credit: eBay

5. Send money to the future

Check out this eBay auction which sells old USD$1 notes for USD$16 today.

If you could send physical items through time, vintage notes would be a great bet. They’re small, light, and easy to carry. And they’re a quick way to get rich! They age well (generally speaking), and there are plenty of money collectors who would pay good money to get those notes. They wouldn’t be counterfeit either, since a copy of it wouldn’t exist in the present (because you took it away in the past).

The bigger the note, the better.

Namiya. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Namiya. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Time-travelling film Namiya addresses some of these issues, fortunately. You read that right, it’s a completely different movie from the 2017 Japanese movie The Miracles of the Namiya General Store, although they are both based on the same book. Jackie Chan stars as the titular store’s owner in this adaptation of the story of three delinquents stumbling upon a general store that can send and receive letters to/from the past.

Which issues do they address? You’re going to have to catch Namiya to find out – or you could watch it, learn how to time travel, then go back in time before you watched the movie to tell yourself what those issues are. I mean, isn’t that what any time traveller would do?

Credits: eBay, Facebook, Pixabay, Facebook, PixabayGolden Village Cinemas