Psst. Did you know that it’s possible to catch movies up to a week before its official release – if you know how? And I’m not suggesting that you befriend someone who writes movie reviews and gets to invited to morning previews, evening previews or gala premieres every week or so. (Ahem.) I’m talking about how you can, as a layperson, purchase a sneak preview ticket and watch the show way earlier than anyone else in the country.

As it happens, not every sneak preview is the same. The first thing you ought to do though, is to register as a Golden Village Movie Club member, because all members’ events are in effect movie previews, and some of them are exclusive, such as:

1. Super Sneaks

When titles are available, GV runs Super Sneaks on the rare occasion. Super Sneaks allow one to watch a movie up to two weeks in advance.

2. Priority Preview

Priority Previews are exclusive to GVMC members. Usually, a highly anticipated movie is screened a day in advance.

2. Members’ programmes, such as Date Night, Singles’ Night, Blogaloud

These GVMC-exclusive programmes are a little bit more special than just a movie screening one day ahead of the official release date.

At events like Date Nights and Singles’ Nights, moviegoers get a goodie bag containing movie merchandise and other items related to the subject matter of the film. The screening may be held in a less-than-regular cinema like GV Gemini. Of course, the price of the ticket will be adjusted accordingly.

At Blogaloud events, the audience gets to participate in a Q&A session with the director, and sometimes, even members of the cast.

3. Ladies’ Night/Men’s Night

Moviegoers get to watch the movie up to a week in advance when they participate in Ladies’ Night or Men’s Night events. As the names suggest, such events are open to only one gender. But unlike Date Nights, patrons don’t just get a goodie bag – there are activities and games happening before the screening and GV may even buy you a(n alcoholic) drink.

4. Surprise Screening

You don’t get to choose the movie, but when there’s a Surprise Screening, there’ll be enough hints on the ticket booking webpage for you to make an intelligent guess on what it’s going to be. The duration of the movie, genre, and language of the film will be published. Moviegoers get to watch the film a week in advance at Surprise Screenings.

Does the artwork of this poster give you any hints as to which movie it is?

Does the artwork of this poster give you any hints as to which movie it is?

In fact, there’s one happening tomorrow (Jan 24) at GV Suntec City and GV Plaza, 7.10pm. The webpage says that the movie is 124 minutes long, is of the fantasy genre, and is in English. Can you guess which film it is? Buy your tickets here for only $8, find out if you’re right, and get a surprise snack.


How do you keep track of when a Super Sneak, Priority Preview, Men’s Night, Ladies’ Night or Surprise Screening is going to happen? Follow Golden Village Mr Popcorn on Facebook, of course. And check the Golden Village website banner regularly for advertisements on sneaks. Because if there’s anyone who’s more anxious than you about securing that preview ticket, it’s the cinema operator. 😉

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