What do Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee, and Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson have in common? Each pair shares a close, homosocial relationship – what we in the 21st century call a “bromance”. Perhaps you might identify with them too, having a close male friend who understands you like no other.

But the portmanteau word “bromance” infuriates some. Gender equality advocates have accused it of making men feel bad about having (male) best friends. Louis Hanson of the Australian Huffington Post has argued that the word “bromance” needs to be “smacked down” because it trivialises male bonding.

But wait! What if we ignore all the people who snicker at the word “bromance”, and you know, just do our thang? What could Singaporean bros do together that’s meaningful and fun? We have a few suggestions in mind:

1. Sailing, dragonboating, rowing or kayaking

Our island is surrounded by water. You can’t really talk to each other while swimming, but what about doing water sports activities which require a partner or a team? In fact, our reservoirs have been open for water activities for a while. The Paddle Lodge @MacRitchie, Singapore Paddle Club, Adventure Paddlers, Constant Wind, Changi Sailing Club and the SAF Yacht Club are some good places where you can sign up for lessons and rent equipment.

2. Watch stand-up comedy together

Is your bro in need of some healing? Well, laughter is the best medicine. Instead of sitting at home marathon-watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S on Netflix, why not go out and listen to more current jokes by real people? In fact, if one of you is game to go onstage for an Open Mic session, why not try it? You may discover a hidden talent for stand-up. Of course, since you’re new, all the more you’d need friends offstage who will laugh at your jokes, even when you’re not funny. Check out The Comedy Club for upcoming shows.

3. Go multi-player gaming

Ready, Player One? This seems like a no-brainer. Whether it’s SimCity, Final Fantasy, Super Mario Kart or some other schnazzy multi-player game, an afternoon of kicking each other’s asses and chatting at the same time seems like a good way to let off steam in the comforts of one’s home.

4. Go dancing

Were you or your bro one of those who would hit Zouk every Wednesday night for Mambo Jambo? Relive those good ol’ days at the new Zouk, but on Thursday. Embarrass yourselves or outdo each other on the dance floor, and then laugh over it over some late night bak kut teh or prata.

5. Go for Golden Village’s Men’s Night: The Hurricane Heist

Will a cateogory 5 storm be the perfect cover for a heist? (Credit: Golden Village Pictures)

Will a cateogory 5 storm be the perfect cover for a heist? (Credit: Golden Village Pictures)

Once in a while, Golden Village will organise special events such as Men’s Night, Ladies’ Night, Singles’ Night and the Love and Pride Film Festival where participants will get goodies that are worth way more than the price of the movie ticket itself.

On Men’s Night: The Hurricane Heist, you and your bro will be the first to catch the movie one week before its release. Each of you will also get to bring back a Men’s Biore goodie bag worth more than $14.80, and you’d also stand a chance to win a free-roaming virtual reality game at Zero Latency (worth $69). You’d also get to enjoy the special price of only $5 (U.P. $8) per bottle of Corona at the Grab & Gold Cafe. You can drink it at the cafe, where you would get to enjoy hearty entrees such as beef mushroom burger and kampung fried rice. Or, you could dabao your food and eat it in the cinema hall. Click here for the menu.

The Hurricane Heist is a heist action film about robbing US$600 million from a U.S. Treasury facility just as a Category 5 hurricane is about to strike. Will the storm be the perfect foil for the robbery or will the robbery be perfectly foiled by the storm? (Ha!) In our opinion, it’s a pretty good film for bros – according to Variety writer Andrew Barker, “All three of our heroes take time out in the middle of survival situations to discuss their undying love of football and the Second Amendment, but they also believe in climate change.” Now how is that trivial?

Here are the details:
Men’s Night: The Hurricane Heist
Where: GV Suntec City
Date: April 2 (Monday), 7pm (registration starts at 6.15pm, next to GV Suntec box office counters)
Price: $15 per ticket, for GV Movie Club members only
Perks: Buy a bottle of Corona at only $5 each (U.P. $8).
What’s inside the goodie bag: Men’s Biore Instant Foam Facial Wash (150 ml), Men’s Biore Pore Pack Black ( a pack of 10 pore strips) & Men’s Biore Cool Gel Deodorant Body Wash samples (20ml)
More perks: GV exclusive buy-3-get-1-free Zero Latency Multi-player Virtual Reality Gaming voucher ($207 instead of U.P $276); 16 lucky patrons will stand to win a chance to try out the Zombie Survival Multi-player Virtual Reality game at Zero Latency located at Suntec City Mall (worth $69) after the movie.

Female patrons can purchase tickets but only male patrons will receive a goodie bag.

Book your tickets now: https://goo.gl/tq94Su

Source: Wikipedia, Golden Village, The Honeycombers