Human beings are just… gross sometimes. Hair grows in the wrong places (shaving is an unfortunate reality for all genders, it’s just a matter of frequency), good taste seems to elude certain members of humanity, and we ooze so many disgusting body fluids when we’re sick.

Anime characters are so much more attractive in comparison. They don’t have a hair out of place (because the animators drew every one of them), they have such amazing body proportions (which would render them anorexic in the real world), and they are so fashionably dressed (because the price of clothes isn’t an issue for anime characters).

No wonder it’s easier to fall in love with anime characters than it is with real people. Especially when your love life is a disaster (or non-existent), and OkCupid/Tinder/CoffeeMeetsBagel/PakTor dates all turn out to be weirdos. At least anime characters won’t accidentally spew saliva on your avocado toast while they’re ranting about how their favourite shampoo has been discontinued.

So here’s a list of cute anime characters you could totally crush on, if you haven’t already. We limited ourselves to just those who appeared in 2017, otherwise you’d still be reading this next week.

Who would you date if you had a chance?


1. Makoto (Japanese)/Verity (English) from Pokemon: I Choose You

Makoto/Verity from Pokemon: I Choose You (she's on the right, by the way). Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

From Pokemon: I Choose You: That’s Makoto/Verity chasing Piplup. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

The soft reboot of Pokemon introduces a new pair of companions for Satoshi (or Ash, as he’s commonly known to English speakers) – trainers Makoto and Souji (or Sorrel and Verity, for the English dub).

And Makoto is almost as adorable as her starter Pokemon, Piplup. They poth have a pastel blue colour scheme, and Makoto has a very relatable reason for wanting to be a Pokemon Master – she wants to live up to her mother’s expectations. You see, her mother is a well known Pokemon trainer, and Makoto wants to be just like her mother. Which is kind of difficult if, you know, your mother is already so famous.

At the end of the film, she returns home in an attempt to reconcile with her mother. She’s eager, adorable, and filial. What more could guys want from an anime character?

Why, an anime character with an equally cute pet that you want to squeeze!

2. Tetsu from In This Corner of the World

Testu and Suzu from In This Corner of the World. Credits: Surprisingly Competent Media

Testu and Suzu from In This Corner of the World. Credits: Surprisingly Competent Media

In This Corner of the World is a tragic but poignant tale of Suzu, a girl who lived during World War II in Kure City, which was situated right next to Hiroshima City. Although she was originally from Hiroshima, she moved to Kure to live with her husband after marriage.

However, we’re not talking about her husband today. We’re talking about her childhood crush, Tetsu.

He returns to her life, albeit briefly, after enlisting in the navy. She already thought he was cool when she was a child, and when Tetsu returns in a suave naval uniform, he looks incredibly handsome. But don’t worry – she isn’t unfaithful to her husband.

Tetsu leaves after staying for a night, to sacrifice his life in the service of a country. He’s a guy in a uniform who gives up everything to save the people he loves.

Which woman wouldn’t want to date him?


3. Kokone from Napping Princess

Napping Princess. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Kokone from Napping Princess. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Napping Princess is about Kokone, an ordinary girl who frequently slips into dreams where she’s a princess capable of wielding great magic. As the story unfolds, you begin to see the parallels between the real and dream world, and Kokone’s “magic” is revealed to be quite “real” after all.

Kokone is the kind of spunky female lead whom all guys like, because she takes the initiative and drives the plot in the film. She might be a little naive when it comes to real world matters, necessitating the help of her friend, Morio, whom she drags around. But she’s always at the centre of the action, and even risks her life in the epic finale.

But you know what saves her in the end? Heart.


You have to watch the movie for yourself to find out what I mean.


4. Peter from Mary and the Witch’s Flower

Mary and Peter in Mary and the Witch's Flower. Credit: Sora News 24

Mary and Peter in Mary and the Witch’s Flower. (Credit: Sora News 24)

Ladies who have a thing for blondes would definitely fall for Peter from Mary and the Witch’s Flower. He’s a brash young boy who’s always ready to dive straight into situations, and has this indefatigable attitude towards all obstacles. Despite having absolutely no magic of his own, he goes all out to help Mary stop the villains in the film.

He is a little bit of the stereotypical dude-in-distress, however. But then, this just means he’s not as much of a chauvinist as other male characters can be, and will readily see his date as an equal rather than someone he has to protect.

And once again, he’s blonde. Just like Thor. He’s probably going to grow up to be as buff as Thor (in fact, Peter does look a little bit like He-Man). So catch him early, ladies, and your choice will pay off handsomely (pun intended) in a few years!



5. Alex from Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game

Dudes, we’re not leaving you out. The perfect blonde babe of 2017 has got to be Alex, Kagami’s peer and mentor, from Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game, which is the basketball anime to catch (and superior to Slam Dunk, as we’ve explained before). Sadly, we don’t see much of her in the film itself.

But then, Alex already appeared in the anime television series, long before 2017. Her smoking hot entrance (as seen above) was perhaps one of the most unforgettable scenes in Kuroko’s Basketball (in addition to the action-packed basketball games, of course). And she’s a bombshell! She’s blonde, she wears spectacles (for you guys who like lasses with glasses), and she speaks English.

Sometimes we wonder why Kagami isn’t dating her. I mean, Yang Guo dated Xiao Long Nu (his peer and mentor), so it’s not wrong for him to be dating Alex…


6. Gray from Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry

If you’re a fan of Fairy Tail, then you’ll remember the running joke of Gray, the icy Mage, constantly losing his clothes. The longer he fights, the more of his clothes get ripped off, and Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry even explicitly points out this hilarious aspect of his fighting.

The film takes it to another level by having him lose almost all his clothes in his final fight, something that was definitely female fan service.

And why wouldn’t women want to see Gray lose his clothes? Look at those abs! Gray’s probably got the hottest bod of all the guys on the list, and we’re sure his dates can’t wait to rip the clothes off him.

(You can admit you want to, we won’t tell!)


7. Nazuna from Fireworks, Should We See It From The Side Or The Bottom

Nazuna is the female lead in Fireworks: Should We See It From The Side Or The Bottom, the anime remake of the popular 90’s drama of the same name. She’s the class idol and two boys vie for her affection.

Look at those big, helpless eyes. She’s like Daisy (Carey Mulligan) from The Great Gatsby – you can’t help but want to hug her and protect her from all the nastiness this world has to offer. She may look like she needs saving, and every guy wants to be the hero for his girl.

You’d do anything for Nazuna if you could date her.

 Fireworks, Should We See It From The Side Or The Bottom. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Fireworks, Should We See It From The Side Or The Bottom. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

If you’re wondering why Fireworks: Should We See It From The Side Or The Bottom has such a long title, that’s because it’s a debate that the two main male characters have. Norimichi (Masaki Suda) and Yusuke (Mamoru Miyano) argue about whether fireworks would look flat or circular when viewed from the side, a debate that is quickly interrupted when Nazuna (Suzu Hirose) reveals a startling fact about herself.

Even more puzzling is a situation that Norimichi finds himself in, when he relives the same set of events that led to his fireworks debate and Nazuna’s revelation.

What could be behind all this? And do fireworks look flat or circular from the side?

Fireworks: Should We See It From The Side Or The Bottom  will give you all the answers. Plus, it’s the closest you’ll get to dating Nazuna.


Credits: Golden Village Cinemas, Surprisingly Competent Media, Sora News 24