Ma Dong Seok flexes his muscles and funny bone in ‘Wonderful Ghost’

Nov 18th, 2018 Action, Asian Cinema, Comedy Gwen Ng 6 min read

Korean cinema’s favourite anti-hero is back. Korean-American actor Ma Dong Seok is doing what he does best — flexing his bulging biceps and funny bone in Wonderful Ghost.  The action comedy is a buddy cop film with a twist. A series of unexpected and unfortunate events leads to the unlikely pairing of Tae Jin (Kim Young Kwang) and Jang Su (Ma, who also goes by the English name Don Lee). While…

The Battleship Island. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

7 things you never knew about Hashima – the real Battleship Island

Aug 15th, 2017 Action, Asian Cinema, Drama, Thriller, War Marcus Goh 12 min read

The Battleship Island is based on true events (although we’re quite sure the prisoners on the island weren’t quite as handsome as Song Joong-ki and So Ji-sub) that happened during World War II. I think it’s a strong contender for movie of the year so if there’s one movie you should catch this year, it’s The Battleship Island. Battleship Island is just a nickname though – the island’s…

Train to Busan. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

5 of the most claustrophobic places in Singapore for a zombie invasion

Aug 4th, 2016 Action, Asian Cinema, Disaster, Horror, Thriller Marcus Goh 7 min read

What sets Train to Busan apart from other zombie movies is that it takes place mostly on a train – a cramped, narrow train where you can’t even have two people walking side by side down the aisle. Everyone has to squeeze or fight their way past a zombie at some point, and the thought of having to come so close to the zombies just gives…