Thor (Chris Hemsworth) fan service in Thor: Ragnarok. Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

What we’re betting will happen in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

Oct 23rd, 2017 Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Superheroes Marcus Goh 11 min read

Thor has been considered “the most boring superhero in the Marvel pantheon” (we beg to differ however, have you read about Thor’s exploits in traditional Norse mythology?), so it’s amazing how he’s getting his third movie, The Revengers Thor: Ragnarok, just six years after his debut in 2011! To begin with, let’s all learn how to pronounce Ragnarok properly – the Nordic pronunciation sounds more…

Kong: Skull Island. Credit: Warner Bros Pictures

6 horrible creatures that King Kong lives with on Skull Island

Mar 10th, 2017 Action, Adventure, Science Fiction Marcus Goh 7 min read

It’s great being King Kong right? You can do whatever you like. Eat whatever you like. Go wherever you like. Maybe there’s that slight downside that you are a gigantic ape the size of a building, so you can’t really find a place to sleep at night. King Kong does fine though. He has an entire island to himself, known as Skull Island. Except that…

5 haunted parks in Singapore to avoid

Oct 11th, 2015 GV Exclusive, Horror, Thriller Holly Jean Aroozoo 10 min read

As we recover from being spooked during the Hungry Ghost Festival, and await the ghouls coming this Halloween, let’s have a look at some parks in Singapore where spirits are said to roam. Here are five haunted parks in Singapore to avoid (or to check out… if you like “nightclubs”). Bidadari Park The word “Bidadari” is Malay for “fairy” or “angel”. Bidadari Cemetery, one of the…