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Which is your favourite onscreen Young Adult couple?

May 29th, 2018 Drama, Romance, Teens Marcus Goh 10 min read

You can be considered a young adult from as early as 18 years old – but did you know that you could still be classified as one all the way until 39? Depending on the classification criteria used, a person can be considered a young adult from 18 to anywhere from 35 to 39. Jennifer Lawrence herself was just 21 when she first starred in…

6 weird hobbies of teenagers in films

Sep 5th, 2015 Comedy Marcus Goh 8 min read

It’s tough being a teenager in these trying times , what with all the acne you need to hide, social media you need to keep up with and subjects you need to study. It’s no wonder that teenagers on film have such weird hobbies to cope with the increasing demands of modern society. Life’s tough. Really tough. #firstworldproblems But really, who among us hasn’t had…