Kim Ki-taek (Song Kang-ho) in Parasite. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

6 films that’ll show you that Song Kang-ho is the most underrated Korean actor you’ve never heard of

Jun 30th, 2019 Drama Marcus Goh 11 min read

Quick, who’s the most underrated Korean actor you know of, who goes by the surname Song? If you said either of the Songs (Joong-ki and Hye-kyo), then you’ve read the first sentence wrongly – we’re asking for underrated actors (meaning that the actor is better than people realise), not overrated actors. The most underrated actor in Korean cinema is actually Song Kang-ho, who appears in…

5 reasons why being a ghost is tough in Singapore

Jan 6th, 2016 Asian Cinema, Horror Marcus Goh 6 min read

Notice how there are fewer and fewer ghost stories circulating in our nation these days? That’s because it’s so hard to be a ghost in Singapore these days, as opposed to, say, Korea. With increasing urbanisation and and a higher population density, you can’t catch a break even in the afterlife, since you’ve got to share the same space with the living. Don’t believe us? Pretend…