Don't Knock Twice. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

5 horrible acts of witchcraft you need to protect yourself from in Singapore

Apr 13th, 2017 Horror Marcus Goh 9 min read

Despite being a modern, cosmopolitan city, you can’t deny the existence of the supernatural in Singapore. Whether it be NTU in the west or Old Changi Hospital in the east, it seems like every other building in Singapore is hiding a spooky tale. You know what’s worse? People who manipulate the unseen for their own benefit. I’m not talking about pastors who secretly use church money…

6 reasons why child ghosts are so terrifying

Feb 24th, 2016 Horror Marcus Goh 6 min read

The scariest creatures in horror films are not the giant red dragon demons, but the ghosts of dead children who are barely half the size of an adult. For most of us, especially parents, the natural instinct is to protect a living child, but the ghost of one paralyses us with fear. But we see children everyday, so what makes them so terrifying as members of…