Game Night. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Did you know these celebrities who were once accused of killing someone?

Feb 22nd, 2018 Action, Celebrities, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller Marcus Goh 8 min read

Imagine if you were accused of murdering someone. You’d probably be paying for exorbitant lawyer’s fees (and woe to you if your court battles last past 2025, because you’ll need to pay another 2% GST for your lawyer’s services), struggling to prevent intrusive reporters from sniffing out every last embarrassing detail of your life, and closing down all your social media accounts. You most definitely…

5 horrible things that bad bosses do at Christmas parties

Dec 7th, 2016 Comedy Marcus Goh 9 min read

Christmas is almost upon us, and that means the annual office Christmas party is here! I can already hear all those groans as the most uncomfortable executive event of the year rolls around. You have to make small talk with colleagues you don’t really want to talk to while eating carefully enough to make sure you don’t stain your shirt. Then there are those silly…


5 Chinese Zodiac animals that would be useful in a manhunt

Feb 26th, 2016 Animation, Child-friendly Marcus Goh 5 min read

Just to clarify – we’re talking about an intensive police search for a criminal or witness here, and not a male pageant. Zootopia sees rabbit detective Judy Hopps mounting a manhunt for several missing animals, and she takes along foxy Nick Wilde for assistance. But hey, she’s in Zootopia! She can┬ácall on the assistance of any animal. So in the spirit of Chinese new Year,…