‘When Ghost Meets Zombie’ star Nathan Hartono: “I’m terrified of the supernatural”

Feb 27th, 2019 Asian Cinema, Celebrities, Comedy Rachel Chan 11 min read

Have you caught heartthrob Nathan Hartono and dancer-actress Ferlyn G in Singapore’s first ghost-zombie romance comedy? The movie, co-written and directed by local filmmaker Han Yew Kwang, tells the story of Pong (Hartono), who turns into a zombie when saving his town from a disaster. He leads a mechanical and aimless life until a female ghost named Zhen Zhen (Ferlyn G) comes into his life….

Many firsts for ‘When Ghost Meets Zombie’ leads Nathan Hartono and Ferlyn G

Jun 29th, 2018 Celebrities, Comedy, Singapore Film Flora Yeo 6 min read

When Ghost Meets Zombie lead actors Nathan Hartono and Ferlyn Wong (who goes by her stage name, Ferlyn G) tell us that they will experience many firsts as they star in an upcoming local movie, directed by Han Yew Kwang. For both Hartono and Wong, this movie will be their first time starring as lead actors in a feature film, and their first collaboration together….

How Rubbers were used in RUBBERS [Movie poster giveaway inside]

Apr 19th, 2015 Asian Cinema, Comedy, Free Stuff, Singapore Film Rachel Chan 5 min read

A total of 188 condoms were used in the making of Rubbers, Han Yew Kwang’s upcoming sex comedy opening in theatres on April 30. If you were to use condoms for anything but sex, this movie could give you a few ideas. One of these scenes involve at least 100 of them blown up into balloons and used to decorate the room. “You will be surprised…