Pitch Perfect 3. Credit: United International Pictures

What we can learn about millennials from Pitch Perfect

Dec 21st, 2017 Comedy, Musical Marcus Goh 6 min read

We millennials are terrible. We find cereal way too much work to eat, and would rather buy avocado toast and overpriced coffee than save for a piece of property. But for all the talk about how millennials seem like a pain, employers do want to unlock the secrets to understanding us so they can better attract, hire and retain today’s workforce, and advertisers want to know our habits….

10 toughest women in popular movies

Jun 18th, 2015 Action, Child-friendly, Comedy, Uncategorized Holly Jean Aroozoo 10 min read

They sport buzz cuts, box like pros, and make sure that those who hurt them (or the ones they love) will pay. In the last few decades, we have seen the rise of action films featuring tough female leads. The role of damsel in distress no longer has much of an appeal. More women are proving that punching, kicking and shooting aren’t just for men. In…