Deepwater Horizon. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

5 times Singapore faced ecological disasters like the Deepwater Horizon spill

Sep 29th, 2016 Action, Disaster, Drama Marcus Goh 6 min read

Deepwater Horizon is a dramatisation of life on the eponymous oil rig and the horrendous oil spill that happened when it exploded. It was so bad that it leaked oil for three months straight, resulting in 4.9 million barrels of wasted oil. But this is the sort of disaster that only happens in America, right? Singapore’s so small, what kind of ecological nightmares could we face?…

5 shopping malls that even the Maze Runner couldn’t escape

Sep 9th, 2015 Action, Thriller Marcus Goh 8 min read

In Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, our heroes have escaped the Maze, only to find that the world outside is much harsher than they expected. It’s kind of like exiting one of the confusing shopping malls in Singapore, only to find that the weather outside is scorching. You kind of want to run back into the cool air-conditioned comfort of the mall, but you know…