Tomb Raider. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

[Giveaway inside] Why hasn’t Lara Croft been Time’s Person of the Year yet?

Mar 11th, 2018 Action, Adventure Marcus Goh 11 min read

If you’re staunch fan of a video games and Time Magazine, you’ll have pondered this question for a very, very long time. Why hasn’t Lara Croft been Person of the Year on Time magazine yet? I mean, even Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler have graced the covers of Time as the Person of the Year (2016 and 1938), respectively – surely a more positive influence…

Warcraft: The Beginning. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

What if “Singaporeans” were a playable faction in Warcraft games?

Jun 9th, 2016 Action Marcus Goh 9 min read

Movies used to get turned into games – but now, games get turned into movies, just like Warcraft: The Beginning. Warcraft was a popular RTS (real-time strategy game, meaning that your troops act at the same time you do and nobody waits for you to finish your turn before attacking!) that simulated two warring races, Orcs and Humans. By the time Warcraft III rolled around,…