Sausage Party. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

5 R21 references hidden in famous cartoons

Sep 30th, 2016 Adult Themes, Animation, Comedy Marcus Goh 7 min read

If you’re a tired, harried parent, chances are you’d want to go to the movies for some peace and quiet. But if you’ve got kids in tow, then you’re going to want to choose an animated film – no adult content there, right? Animated films are made for kids, there’s no way they’d put in a stray vagin – No, wait. They did. And chances…

The BFG. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

5 adult stories you never knew Roald Dahl wrote (for mature audiences only)

Aug 18th, 2016 Adventure, Animation, Child-friendly, Fantasy Marcus Goh 7 min read

We all know Roald Dahl as the loveable writer of children’s stories like The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and James and the Giant Peach. He would never write something as explicit as a story about a seductress who goes around the world stealing the sperm of famous men, or how a cheating spouse finds out that she’s also being cheated on, right? Except…

Angry Birds. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

5 mobile games we’ve all wasted too much time on

May 25th, 2016 Animation, Child-friendly, Comedy Marcus Goh 7 min read

Hands up if you’ve spent longer than you should inside your office toilet cubicle trying to get to the next level on your mobile game. Of course, there are other ways to cyberloaf on your smartphone, like endlessly stalking your ex’s Facebook photos and trying to figure out who her new boyfriend is, but you have to admit that mobile games are at the top…