Singapore’s favourite director just can’t stop churning out box office hits – he’s back at it again this Lunar New Year with a brand new comedy shot in Taiwan – Killer Not Stupid. Do you think that he’s hit upon the perfect formula for creating comedies that appeal to Singaporeans? Take a topic (like children or killers), add Not Stupid to the end, and hey presto, instant unique movie concept! Cue all the oohs and aahs as his fans coo about his latest film. As can be seen from I Not Stupid and Killer Not Stupid , virtually any concept fits into this formula.

So we thought we’d pitch in and offer Director Neo along some excellent “Not Stupid” ideas! Any of these could be made into a full-fledged movie along the lines of Killer Not Stupid, a la Jack Neo style. Psst, Jack – please hire us to be your consultants if you make any of these films, okay?

1. Ah Beng Not Stupid

As you can see, Jack Neo already has an Ah Beng army from Killer Not Stupid. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

As you can see, Jack Neo already has an Ah Beng army from Killer Not Stupid. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Jack Neo has an endless supply of Ah Bengs at his disposal. Just look at the cast list of any of his recent movies! If you think that Ah Bengs are all the same, then you’ll be absolutely wrong. Here are the different types of Ah Bengs he’s worked with – the soft-spoken Ah Beng (Ryan Lian), cheeky Ah Beng (Noah Yap), the Ah Beng with the heart of gold (Wang Weiliang), and even the Ah Beng who speaks good English (Tosh Zhang). If you’re worried that this won’t work, you’ve got to remember that Jack Neo has got the God of Ah Bengs on his side – Mark Lee. So if you’re worried that it’ll all seem one note, don’t fret – Ah Bengs span a gamut of personalities.

But so many of us think of Ah Bengs as, well, Ah Bengs. We don’t see them past their Ah Beng exterior and into their individual, unique personalities. This is where an Ah Beng Not Stupid movie would shine. It would show us that regardless of how Ah Beng one is on the outside, it’s what inside that truly counts.

We might even get some actual, bona fide character development in an Ah Beng Not Stupid movie – and Mark Lee would be the perfect guy to anchor everything to an emotional core. We can’t see anyone else taking the lead role in an Ah Beng Not Stupid movie.


2. Liang Po Po Not Stupid

Liang Po Po Not Stupid. Original Image Credit: Mediacorp

Liang Po Po Not Stupid. Original image credit: Mediacorp

We’ve been clamouring for Liang Po Po sequel for years, but our cries have fallen on deaf ears. Also, it would be awkward for the Liang Po Po sequel to be titled Liang Po Po Returns, because the Mandarin title for Liang Po Po the Movie already means “Liang Po Po’s Return to the Community.” So we think that Liang Po Po Not Stupid would be an excellent title for a sequel!

On a more serious note, it would also help the country by addressing the stigma against more senior members of the workforce. It’s no secret that many companies often think lowly of workers of a certain age, and a film that helps to address those unhealthy mindsets would be a perfect one to help our Pioneer Generation. Liang Po Po Not Stupid could take up that mantle and be the comedy that helps us accept workers of all ages.


3. Merlion Not Stupid

All hail the Merlion. Credit: Pixabay

All hail the Merlion. Credit: Pixabay

As much as we love the Merlion, he’s (we presume the Merlion is a male – the Merlioness would be female) actually a creation of the Singapore Tourism Board. And yes, he is a little unwieldy, biologically – he has no appendages to manipulate tools or food of any sort. So it’s time the Merlion gets an origin story of his own – and it should be titled Merlion Not Stupid.

We’re sure Jack Neo is creative enough to come up with a reason for why the Merlion came to be and how this is feasible (it’s just like product placement!) and we can finally have a Singaporean fairy tale for how the Merlion came to be. Although in the case of the Merlion, maybe Merlion Not Stupid should be a fairy tail instead (geddit, geddit, because it has a huge tail).


4. Summon Auntie Not Stupid

I Not Stupid. Credit: IMDB

Summon Auntie. Credit: YouTube

Summon aunties are one of the most “beloved” and misunderstood groups in Singapore. Think about it – they’re just doing their job, after all, and nobody chooses to be a summon auntie (or uncle). They’re assigned to their roles as summon aunties/uncles, and they have to carry out the responsibility that has been entrusted to them. They’re Singaporeans, just like you and me, and they have hopes, dreams and ambitions too.

While Royston Tan made 3688 (2015), a film that only featured female parking attendants, Neo could include both summon uncles and summon aunties in Summon Auntie Not Stupid. How many times have you heard someone exclaim “stupid summon auntie!” Summon Auntie Not Stupid would be a great retort to that, and correct the perception that parking attendants have to be aunties. In fact, it could even have a love story between a star-crossed summon auntie and summon uncle.

Oh, and if you’re reading this, summon auntie/uncle, please don’t fine me if I exceed my parking time by a few minutes okay?


5. Adult Not Stupid

I Not Stupid (2002) had a sequel, I Not Stupid Too (2006), which featured the kids as teenagers. But how would they fare as adults? That’s something that a movie like Adult Not Stupid should explore. You see, the original Mandarin title is actually translated as “Children Not Stupid”, so Adult Not Stupid is actually a great title for a sequel which would be quite self-explanatory.

Besides, it would make an incredible reunion for all the cast members involved. It’s been 12 years 13 years (whoops, forgot it’s 2019 already!) since the last film, and to see the trio again would be so nostalgic.


6. Liang Xi Mei Not Stupid

Wonderful! Liang Xi Mei Not Stupid. Original Image Credit: Golden Village Pictures

Wonderful! Liang Xi Mei Not Stupid. Original Image Credit: Golden Village Pictures

The problem with the first Wonderful! Liang Xi Mei movie was that there was not enough Liang Xi Mei in her own movie! But then Jack Neo was pulling double duty by directing the film and also starring as Liang Xi Mei himself (or is it herself?). Liang Xi Mei was only around for a quarter of the movie, causing Liang Xi Mei girlfans everywhere to 伤脑筋 (be vexed).

A Liang Xi Mei sequel could address all those problems! If Jack Neo lets someone else direct and commits to the role of Liang Xi Mei for the entire movie, Liang Xi Mei Not Stupid would be the wonderful Liang Xi Mei sequel that all Singaporeans deserve. We definitely won’t 伤脑筋 (be vexed) during the film, although you can be sure we’ll be chanting Liang Xi Mei’s catchphrase every time she says it in the sequel!


Killer Not Stupid. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Killer Not Stupid. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

But before you see any more Not Stupid spinoffs, you have to catch the hilarious Killer Not Stupid in cinemas this Lunar New Year. It revolves around the story of two deadly assassins, Hornet (Jay Shih) and Mark (Na-dow), who want to go out with a bang with one final mission. However, they meet so many new friends along the way, ranging from former classmates to drug-lord’s god-daughters, that things get a little bit… 伤脑筋. Will they manage to resolve things and find the peace that they seek?

You’ll have to watch Killer Not Stupid to find out.


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Credits: Golden Village Cinemas, Mediacorp, Pixabay, YouTube, IMDB


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