The live-action film adaptation of the popular manga and anime will inflict terror on a new level, said leading actor Haruma Miura in a new trailer exclusive to The Popping Post. The skin texture of the Titans appear more lifelike and their screams are more horrifying in the film version of Attack On Titan, said Haruma, who plays Eren Yeager, the protagonist.

“Even the way their eyes move instil fear and terror… The visuals have really brought them to life on screen,” he said in the 3 minute 48 second trailer, which includes a short Q&A.

A fan of the original manga and anime, Haruma shared that he was surprised to have the honour of playing the leading role. “There is a strong sense of humanity I tried really hard to bring to the character,” he said.

Catch the trailer here.

Unfazed by the Titans? I’m not surprised. Here’s probably why.

Attack On Titan is in theatres now.