Whether it’s your child or pet, naming a living creature is a heavy responsibility. Will they like the name that they have been saddled with for life? Will they grow up to find that they share their name with some devious criminal or a popular celebrity? Will they live up to their name, like the dog Trouble, who gets into trouble, in the movie Trouble?

Of course, the wise thing to do would be to give your dog an aspirational name, like Hope or Spirit. But if you’d like to have a little fun and you’ve realised that your dog looks like a celebrity or fictional character from some angles… why not try out the following dog names on for size?


1. Chewbarka

Looks like Chewbacca. Credit: The Bark

Looks like Chewbacca. Credit: The Bark


If you’ve ever wondered why Chewbacca looks like a giant humanoid dog – that’s because he is! He was based on Lucas’ Alaskan Marmute, which used to sit next to Lucas all the time in the car. Although Lucas’ dog wasn’t exactly a co-pilot, she did sit in the front seat along with the famed filmmaker. And if you’re wondering – no, the Alaskan Marmute isn’t a small dog. Quite the opposite – she was a large beast that was bigger than a human being, and she weighed 130 pounds (heavier than some of you out there, we’d bet!)

So what was her name? If you thought that Lucas would pay homage to his dog in another movie, you’re absolutely right. His beloved canine was named Indiana, and of course, served as the inspiration for Indiana Jones.

If you’re a Star Wars fan and a dog lover – we think that Chewbarka would be the perfect name for your pooch!


2. Prince of Barkness

Scary. Credit: Vampire Dog

Scary. Credit: Vampire Dog

Let’s say your dog looks a little bit too much like a bloodsucking fiend at times – you might want to call him the Prince of Barkness (or Barkness, for short). After all, vampire dogs don’t exist now – do they?

They don’t – but there have been sightings of dogs who look like a chupacabra, a legendary mythical beast that is the size of a large dog and drinks the blood of goats. So are there real life vampire dogs out there? It turns out that the supposed chupacabra sightings are actually cases of coyotes or dogs with serious cases of mange (a skin disease that causes fur to fall out and the skin to become shrunken).

We don’t think any of those supposed vampire dogs were named the Prince of Barkness, though.


3. Sherlock Bones

Elementary, my dear... Woofson? Credit: Joyful Dogs

Elementary, my dear… Woofson? Credit: Joyful Dogs

For Benedict Cumberbatch fans, you might want to call your dog Sherlock Bones, as a reference to his role as the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes (also, you could name your second dog Woofson). But did the eccentric detective actually have a dog? It turns out – yes!

You see, in the short story The Sign of Four, Sherlock Holmes called upon his furry pal to help him follow some scents (there are some things that even the detective can’t do, after all). His dog was named Toby, but it wasn’t a very handsome dog. In fact, Watson described Toby as an “ugly long haired, lop-eared creature, half spaniel and half lurcher, brown and white in colour, with a very clumsy waddling gait”, which isn’t all that flattering.

So if you really want to be faithful to the series, you should name your dog Toby. But nobody would ever get that it’s a Sherlock Holmes reference.


4. Kate Woofslet

Kate Winslet and her dog in 'The Mountain Between Us.' Credit: The Washington Post

Kate Winslet and her dog in ‘The Mountain Between Us.’ Credit: The Washington Post

Does Kate Winslet actually have a dog? In the film The Mountain Between Us, her character does. She plays photojournalist Alex alongside Idris Elba, who plays Dr Bass. The pair are stranded on a mountain when their plane crashes (because the pilot dies from a stroke during the flight). Trapped on a lonely mountain top, their only hope is to rely on the pilot’s dog to lead them back to safety.

The dog in the film was actually played by two real life dogs – Raleigh and Austin. Nevertheless, if you ever want to name your dog after Kate Winslet, then Kate Woofslet would be a hilarious idea.


5. Sarah Jessica Barker

Lookalikes! Credit: Ebaum's World

Lookalikes! Credit: Ebaum’s World

Sarah Jessica Parker’s locks do look a little fur-like, don’t you think? Of all the entries on this list, she’d be the one who looks most like a dog (in the most gorgeous way, of course!), and hence, you’re more likely than not to have a puppy who looks like her. If you do, then Sarah Jessica Barker would be an absolutely adorable name for her. We mean your dog, just to clarify.

Of course, you’re probably going to truncate that to “Barker” after a while. But whenever friends and family are around, you can go back to the full name and watch everyone laugh as your dog comes running.


6. Mary Puppins

There actually is a dog in 1964’s Mary Poppins, call Andrew –  but he wasn’t really that memorable (plus, nobody would get it if you called your dog Andrew as a reference to Mary Poppins). However, if you feel your dog looks cartoonish, then you could name her Mary Puppins – because there are plenty of dogs in the animated sequence in the original film.

Andrew wasn’t Mary Poppins’ dog though – he was the dog of Miss Lark. You could also call your dog Willoughby, which is the name of another dog in the Mary Poppins franchise – but we think that’d be a bit of a mouthful.



Trouble. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Trouble. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

After all this dog talk, don’t you just want to watch a film about dogs? Trouble is the perfect choice for you – because it features an adorable little pooch called Trouble. Trouble is a rather pampered dog – but when disaster strikes, he’s forced to go out into the real world. He’s got help from a number of different dog pals though – but when your name is Trouble, you just know that you’re going to be getting into… Trouble.

Will Trouble ever learn to stop getting into trouble? Find out in Trouble!


Credits: The Bark, Vampire Dog, Joyful Dogs, The Washington Post, Ebaum’s World, Golden Village Cinemas


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