Truth is stranger than fiction – after all, there so many unexplained facts in this world that science cannot explain. The worst part is that these mysteries can’t always be ascribed to supernatural factors. Sometimes, they are simply about people doing horrible things for inexplicable reasons.

Human nature can be terrifyingly vicious at times.

Here’s a list of some of the most bizarre mysteries that would make excellent movies. Fair warning though – don’t read this at night. You won’t be able to sleep after that.


1. Murderers at sea – who pose for a wefie after the deed

If you pick up a stray mobile phone in a cab, what would you do? Turn it over to the taxi driver so that he can send it to the Lost and Found department of whatever taxi company he works for, right? Well, that’s not quite what happened in Fiji. A student who found a mobile phone in the taxi decided to look through the videos on the phone (what, no password protection?).

What he found literally shocked him, in every non-clickbait sense of the word.

The video showed several men on a boat shooting their helpless victims in the water, then happily taking a wefie after that. No remorse, just let’s-take-a-selfie.

The case was closed in Fiji – because the people involved were not Fijians. They determined it was a confrontation between an Asian fishing crew and some pirates, so since it did not involve anyone from Fiji, the police closed the case.

Although there are some identifying markers (the ship is Chun I No 217) and it was reported that the owner of the vessel was finally contacted, it turns out that he rents many boats and claims he can’t keep track of all the renters, so the mystery was never solved.

Horrifying though this may be, it would be amazing if this case was finally solved and it got turned into a movie. We can picture the title now – The Wefie Murderers!


2. The Death of Elisa Lam

In 2013, a young woman named Elisa Lam was found dead in a Los Angeles hotel’s water tank, with her corpse floating face up. She was on holiday at the Cecil Hotel with her parents.

While it might sound like a case of suicide or even perhaps a murder, what made it creepier was the CCTV footage that turned up. It was from the elevator that Elisa Lam took to the water tank, and it shows her talking and gesticulating like she was with other passengers in the lift.

Except she was alone.

See for yourself. Even if she was rehearsing a speech of some sort, there are just too many unexplained movements.

It’s been reported that she was taking medication for bipolar disorder and depression, and suggested that she might have been under the influence of drugs, which led to her death. Nevertheless, nobody has come up with a definitive explanation for her death, which remains unsolved to this day.

The case was similar to the events of Dark Water – except that horror movie came out in 2005, eight years before the Elisa Lam case. It’s also been reported that the case was the inspiration for the fifth season of American Horror Story, although the creator didn’t explicitly say the name of the case (since he’d probably get sued for it).


3. The Long Island Serial Killer

The Long Island serial killer goes by many other names, like the LISK, Gilgo Beach Killer and Craigslist Ripper. He’s suspected to have killed 10 to 17 victims along several Long Island Beach towns, a large island near New York City, and is currently known as Unsub (short for “unknown subject”).

Police started discovering his victims’ corpses since 2010, although they haven’t been able to identify all of them.

It’s kind of creepy when you realise that this serial killer may still be on the loose – and has evaded the authorities for more than eight years.


4. The Lost Sublett Gold Mines in the Guadalupe Mountains

Guadalupe Mountains. Credit: Nutty Facts

Guadalupe Mountains. Credit: Nutty Facts

In Western Texas, the Guadalupe Mountains are said to hold some of the richest gold mines in the world. But there lies an untapped gold mine that’s filled with gold that has yet to be discovered – the Lost Sublett Mines.

Old Ben Sublett, a miner who lived during the 19th century, supposedly found a vein of gold that could produce $10,000 worth of gold in a week, although his granddaughter thinks its located somewhere else.

The story goes that Sublett was a drunken liar, but stumbled into the local tavern one night throwing down a handful of gold nuggets. It eventually came out that he had found a secret gold mine, but nobody could find it. People tried many ways to get to the location of the mine, and some even followed him – only to have to face his gun when they were discovered.

To this day, his secret mine has never been discovered. Scientists don’t believe that such a large vein of gold could exist in the Guadalupe Mountains, but how else was Old Ben Sublett able to procure his gold?


5. James Worson – the Man Who Disappeared Into Thin Air

Perhaps one of the strangest unsolved mysteries of all is the story of James Worson, who was racing his two friends when he disappeared. As they ran, Worson suddenly screamed, tripped, and vanished right in front of them.

There was no hole or anything. The road they ran on was perfectly normal. Worson’s footprints were even still on the ground, stopping right where he vanished.

Worson claimed to be a long distance runner, which is why the whole race happened in the first place.

While it sounds like this was a bizarre story to cover up a possible murder by his two friends, the police were called in to search the area and they found nothing. Even if the friends did kill him, their footsteps would have shown this. So what happened to Worson that day? How did he vanish?

We may never know. It was dramatised as a short story, An Unfinished Race, but it should really be made into a movie one day – one that explains everything.

Murder on the Orient Express. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Murder on the Orient Express. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

In Murder on the Orient Express, the thriller based on the Agatha Christie novel of the same name, Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) must solve the case of a brutal murder that takes place on a stranded train. While we can all empathise with train faults, this train was stranded overnight in a snowy region, something that could never happen in Singapore (then again, never say never).

Who committed the murder? And what will ultimately happen to all the passengers on the train? Will you be able to solve the Murder on the Orient Express before Hercule Poirot does?

Because if you do, you just might have a future as a detective in the Singapore Police Force.


Credit: Nutty Facts, Golden Village Cinemas