Two months of 2019 have flown by in a flash and we are inching closer to blockbuster season, where some of the year’s most highly-anticipated movies are coming to the big screens! Kicking it all off is superhero flick, Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, which has finally arrived after years of impatient waiting. Did you catch the film’s stars Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson and Gemma Chan, when they were in town to promote the movie on Valentine’s Day? Directors Anna Boden and Rylan Fleck were here too.

This March, an array of genres from horror movies to romantic comedies will have us all spoilt for choice. There’s no reason not to visit the cinema with so many good titles coming up!


June (Malayalam)

Release date: March 2, 2019
Cast: Rajisha Vijayan, Joju George, Aju Varghese
Genre: Comedy

Students in school. Photo credit: ibtimes

Many things can change in the span of 10 years. The film June revolves around the life story of June, the protagonist of the story. It shows us her transformative journey as she matures from a teenager at 16 to a grown-up at 26. The slightly introverted June opens up about romance, heartbreak and ultimately how she gains valuable life lessons from all these chapters during the 10 years of her life.


Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel

Release date: March 7, 2019
Cast: Brie Larson, Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn, Samuel L. Jackson
Genre: Action/Adventure

Captain Marvel waiting for the train. Photo credit: IMDB

An all-new adventure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) follows the journey of Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) as she becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes – Captain Marvel. Set in the 1990s, a galactic war between two alien races reaches Earth. Danvers finds herself and a small cadre of allies at the centre of the maelstrom. She embraces her past and unleashes her powers to save mankind from the invasion. The film also stars Samuel L. Jackson, who was digitally de-aged to play a young Nick Fury, as well as Gemma Chan, Ben Mendelsohn, Djimon Hounsou, Lee Pace, and Jude Law.

There are reports saying that Captain Marvel will possibly have two post-credit scenes, so don’t leave your seats till the very end!


The Prodigy

Release date: March 7, 2019
Cast: Taylor Schilling, Jackson Robert Scott, Peter Mooney, Colm Feore
Genre: Horror/Thriller

Taylor Schilling’s first horror film. Photo credit: IMDB

Emmy-nominated actress Taylor Schilling (Orange is the new Black) stars in The Prodigy, her much-anticipated foray into the horror-thriller genre where she plays Sarah, a mother who believes her son is not behaving normally. IT’s young Jackson Robert Scott plays her eight-year-old son Miles, who displays disturbing behaviour that worries his parents and those around him.

Fearing for her family’s safety, Sarah must grapple with her maternal instinct to love and protect Miles from the supernatural force that has overtaken him. She is forced to look for answers in the past which reveal a sinister look into the life of the evil demon who will not stop at all costs until his mission is completed.


Badla (Hindi)

Release date: March 8, 2019
Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Tapsee Pannu, Amrita Singh
Genre: Thriller

Don’t look in the mirror. Photo credit: IMDB

Filmed extensively in Scotland and London, Badla tells the story about a high profile lawyer (Amitabh Bachchan) who investigates into a suspicious case surrounding the death of a young man. The crime thriller, which is an adaptation of the 2017 Spanish movie Contratiempo, marks the second collaboration between Bachchan and actress Taapsee Pannu, where they worked together in the widely popular Pink back in 2016.


Boomerang (Tamil)

Release date: March 8, 2019
Cast: Atharva, Megha Akash, Satish, R.J.Balaji
Genre: Action

Shiva gets a new face. Photo credit: IMDB

Tamil action comedy, Boomerang is directed and written by R Kannan and features Atharva Murali, Megha Akash, RJ Balaji and Sathish in the lead roles. Atharvaa plays an ambitious youngster, Shiva who has been admitted to the hospital due to a major fire accident and had to undergo a face transplant surgery. His life goes back to normal while his family and friends adjust to his new appearance. Not long after, Shiva is wanted for a murder he did not commit. This time, he is sure that it is just a misunderstanding because the assassin is after the person who had given him his face – namely Shakthi, and not Shiva.


Border (Swedish)

Release date: March 9, 2019
Cast: Eva Melander, Eero Milonoff, Jörgen Thorsson
Genre: Drama/Fantasy

What’s in the bag? Photo credit: IMDB

The winner of the 2018 Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival and screened at last year’s Singapore International Film Festival, Border is a Swedish film written by the cult vampire fable Let The Right One In.

Eva Melander under heavy prosthetic makeup is Tina, a customs agent at an unnamed Swedish border crossing who has a seemingly supernatural ability to “sniff out” human emotions and has a perfect record of apprehending smugglers. She also has a genetic condition that gives her an unusual, heavy-browed appearance. Despite this, she lives a relatively normal life. One day, she encounters a mysterious man with a smell that confounds her detection, and is forced to confront hugely disturbing insights about herself and humankind. She soon discovers they share more in common than any human in the world.


Wonder Park

Release date: March 14, 2019
Cast: Brianna Denski, Jennifer Garner, Mila Kunis, Matthew Broderick, John Oliver, Matthew Broderick, Ken Jeong
Genre: Animation

Let your imagination run wild. Photo credit: IMDB

The animated adventure film, Wonder Park tells the story of a magnificent amusement park, Wonderland, where fantastic rides take place and is inhabited by talking animals. The imaginative park is created by a widely creative 10-year-old girl named June (Brianna Denski) who used to spend her childhood days designing the park with her mother (Jennifer Garner) and her friends.

One day, June finds herself in Wonderland, surrounded by the colourful creatures she created but they are falling into disarray without her. She needs to team up with the animals to stop the destruction of Wonderland by Chimpanzombies and bring it back to life.


The Aftermath

Release date: March 14, 2019
Cast: Keira Knightley, Alexander Skarsgård, Jason Clarke
Genre: Drama

The start of an affair. Photo credit: Forward

Starring Keira Knightley, Alexander Skarsgård, Jason Clarke, The Aftermath post-war drama film directed by James Kent is based on the novel of the same name by Rhidian Brook.

Set in Germany in 1946, Rachael Morgan (Knightley), wife of a British colonel Lewis (Clarke) are reunited in the bitter cold ruins of Hamburg, the aftermath of the Allied forces’ victory. Assigned to live there, the couple decides to share a grand house with its previous owner, a German widower (Skarsgard) and his troubled daughter. In this charged atmosphere, enmity and grief give way to passion and betrayal as the two lovers get tangled in a complicated relationship.



Release date: March 21, 2019
Cast: Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker
Genre: Horror

Lupita Nyong’o meeting her doppelganger. Photo credit: IMDB

Directed and written by Jordan Peele, the psychological horror film, Us stars Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke as husband and wife. Haunted by an unexplainable and unresolved trauma from her past and compounded by a string of eerie coincidences, Adelaide (Nyong’o) feels her paranoia elevate to high-alert as she grows increasingly certain that something bad is going to befall her family. After taking their children to the beach with their friends, their serenity soon turns to tension and chaos when a group of strangers who look exactly like them arrive at their driveway. Us pits an endearing American family against a terrifying and uncanny opponent: doppelgängers of themselves.


Five Feet Apart

Release date: March 21, 2019
Cast: Haley Lu Richardson, Cole Sprouse
Genre: Drama/Romance

Love is not just five feet apart. Photo credit: IMDB

Romantic drama film Five Feet Apart is directed by Justin Baldoni from a script by Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis, based on a novel by Rachael Lippincot Ishtar.

The movie follows the life of a 17-year-old girl, Stella, who is attached to her laptop most of the time and loves her best friends. But unlike most teenagers, she spends much of her time living in a hospital as a cystic fibrosis (CF) patient. Her illness keeps her confined in the hospital and unable to make human contact. She meets an impossibly charming fellow CF patient named Will Newman (Cole Sprouse) and there’s an instant attraction between the two. They fall in love but must avoid making any physical contact—staying five feet apart from one another—due to concerns about cross infection. As their connection intensifies, so does the temptation to throw the rules out the window and embrace that attraction. Further complicating matters is Will’s potentially dangerous rebellion against his ongoing medical treatment, which makes Stella question what she should really be concerned about in life.


The Kid Who Would Be King

Release date: March 21, 2019
Cast: Louis Ashbourne Serkis, Dean Chaumoo, Tom Taylor, Rhianna Dorris
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy

Patrick Stewart stars as Merlin in this fantasy flick. Photo credit: IMDB

The legend of King Arthur has been told and adapted to films plenty of times, but The Kid Who Would Be King promises a modernised twist to the Arthurian legend of the sword in the stone – think old school magic meets modern world adventure.

Alex (Louis Ashbourne Serkis – yes, he is Andy Serkis’ son) thinks he’s just another nobody, until he stumbles upon the mythical Sword in the Stone, Excalibur. The earnest 12-year-old can’t quite believe he is the chosen one to wield the magical sword and save the world, so he unites his friends and enemies into a band of knights and, together with the legendary wizard Merlin (Patrick Stewart), take on the wicked enchantress Morgana (Rebecca Ferguson) and stop her from destroying the world.


Geki x Cine: Banyuki (GV Exclusive)

Release date: March 22, 2019
Cast: Takaya Kamikawa, Izumi Inamori, Taichi Saotome, Jun Hashimoto, Shoko Takada, Macoto Awane
Genre: Action/Adventure

Don’t smile, don’t laugh. Photo credit: Sohu

The Geki X Cine movie is a live stage performance that was digitally shot and released on the big screens. Banyuki follows a man’s road to revenge, which is inspired by French author Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. It starts with a story of an island country named Horai that was finally about to be integrated under one political administration. After 10 years of imprisonment, an innocent man, Domon Date, has managed to keep his sanity by dreaming of retaliating against those who framed him. He breaks out of prison with the help of one of his prison mates, Saji, who is kept in the deepest corner of the prison island. The pair set out on a journey to exact revenge on the people who have wronged them in the past.


Disney’s Dumbo

Release date: March 28, 2019
Cast: Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Eva Green
Genre: Action/Adventure

Fly, Dumbo, fly! Photo credit: IMDB

A product from Disney and visionary director Tim Burton, the highly-anticipated live-action adventure Dumbo expands on the beloved classic story where differences are celebrated, the family is cherished and dreams take flight. Loosely inspired by the animated film that was released 80 years ago, the new take on the beloved big-eared elephant is based on the novel by Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl.

Circus owner Max Medici (Danny DeVito) enlists former star Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell) and his children Milly (Nico Parker) and Joe (Finley Hobbins) to care for a newborn elephant whose oversized ears make him a laughing stock in an already struggling circus. But when the children discover that Dumbo can fly, the circus makes an incredible comeback, attracting persuasive entrepreneur V.A. Vandevere (Michael Keaton), who recruits the peculiar pachyderm for his newest, larger-than-life entertainment venture, Dreamland. Dumbo soars to new heights alongside a charming and spectacular aerial artist, Colette Marchant (Eva Green), until Holt learns that beneath its shiny veneer, Dreamland is full of dark secrets. 


Ghost Wife

Release date: March 28, 2019
Cast: Supawadee Kitisopakul, Chitiwat Wattanasiripong
Genre: Horror

Babies spark joy, don’t they? Photo credit: GSCM

Written and directed by Mate Yimsomboon, Ghost Wife is a classic Thai horror movie with a modern twist. High school student Nard (Supawadee Kitisopakul) falls in love with her senior Mac (Chitiwat Wattanasiripong). When Nard learns that she is pregnant with Mac’s child, her mother persuades her to have the baby aborted, while Mac’s mother forces him to cut ties with her and sends him to study abroad. However, Nard didn’t survive the abortion and returns as a ghost, haunting the apartment complex where she used to live in.


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