Imagine if you were accused of murdering someone.

You’d probably be paying for exorbitant lawyer’s fees (and woe to you if your court battles last past 2025, because you’ll need to pay another 2% GST for your lawyer’s services), struggling to prevent intrusive reporters from sniffing out every last embarrassing detail of your life, and closing down all your social media accounts.

You most definitely won’t be starring in hit movies, releasing pop albums, and giving media interviews to – oh wait.

Some celebrities did allegedly kill someone, and they’re still living the high life.

We’re betting you didn’t know these famous folk and their alleged deeds. And they’re still famous. And living it up. And starring in movies. And making indecent sums of money.

Life just isn’t fair.

1. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg. Credit: Facebook

Snoop Dogg. Credit: Facebook

Bet you didn’t know that American rapper Snoop Dogg’s real name is Calvin Broadus. And we’re betting that you also didn’t know that he was charged of a conspiracy to commit assault in connection with the death of Philip Woldemariam in August 1993.

Accounts vary, but it’s clear that there was some sort of conflict between Woldemariam and Snoop Dogg (and his bodyguard).

He was cleared of his charges, of course, which is why he leads a Dogg’s life now (and not a dog’s life). His bodyguard was also acquitted, even though they faced first-degree and second-degree murder charges.


2. Brandy Norwood

Brandy Norwood. Credit: Facebook

Brandy Norwood. Credit: Facebook

80’s kids will remember Brandy for being almost everywhere (movies, songs, TV shows) before she suddenly disappeared from the media limelight. But what you may not have known is that she was involved in a fatal accident in 2006.

That December, Brandy was involved in a highway pileup, where a car she hit ended up sliding across the highway and hitting two other cars. The driver of that car, Awatef Aboudihaj, was hospitalised and died the next day.

Brandy was not driving under the influence, and claimed full responsibility for the accident. She was understandably distraught after it happened, and ended up walking around disoriented and upset.


3. Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg. Credit: Facebook

Mark Wahlberg. Credit: Facebook

Actor Mark Wahlberg’s one tough (and formerly violent) cookie. When he was 16, he was charged with attempted murder but eventually convicted of assault.

He attacked Vietnamese immigrant Thanh Lam with a five-foot stick in April 1988 to steal two cases of beer, hitting him so hard that the stick broke into two. In the course of his escape, he hit another man, Hoa Trinh, so hard that the victim was left blind in one eye. Yeah, we’re pretty sure a punch from him would probably maim any normal person.

After serving 45 days in jail, he eventually went on to find fame and fortune.


4. O. J. Simpson

O. J. Simpson. Credit: Wikipedia

O. J. Simpson. Credit: Wikipedia

No list of possible killer celebrities is complete without a mention of O. J. Simpson, a former National Football League (NFL) running back, broadcaster, actor, and advertising spokesman. His full name is Orenthal James (that’s what the O. J. stands for) and in 1994, he was charged with the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson (his ex-wife) and her friend Ron Goldman.

He was eventually acquitted of those charges, but not after he went through a very long and very public trial. The fact is, even though the courts didn’t find him guilty, the general public still isn’t completely convinced.

O. J. Simpson on Newsweek and Time. Credit: Altered Images

O. J. Simpson on Newsweek and TIME Magazine. Credit: Altered Images

It even triggered a firestorm of controversy when TIME artificially darkened O. J. Simpson’s image for their magazine cover – which came to light when Newsweek published a significantly lighter version of his mugshot for their magazine cover.

He was later arrested and imprisoned for a Las Vegas hotel robbery in 2008, and was released from prison last year on October 1.


5. Tony Lovato

Tony Lovato. Credit: Facebook

Tony Lovato. Credit: Facebook

To answer your very first question: he’s the cousin of Demi Lovato, according to IMDB. He fronted a punk rock band named Mest… and was jailed in 2007 on suspicion of murder.

In June/July of that year, Lovato confessed to the fatal stabbing of Wayne Hughes – who had dated Lovato’s then-girlfriend. According to accounts, the pair clashed over her, and this eventually led to a fight in the parking garage of a Californian apartment complex.

Lovato was later released and charges against him were dropped. He’s also no longer with that girlfriend.

Game Night. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Game Night. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

At least those celebrities had resolutions to their cases. In Game Night, Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams) find themselves playing a game of real-life Cluedo when an innocent game night turns into a literal murder mystery.

Who’s the killer? What’s the murder weapon? Where was the victim axed?

It’ll be an unforgettable Game Night, that’s for sure.


Credits: Facebook, Facebook, Wikipedia, Altered Images, Soundcheck411, Golden Village Cinemas