Quick, name the members of the Justice League in your head. Even if you can’t recite all of their names (pfft, Cyborg’s a Teen Titan, no matter what anyone says), there’ll always be one name on everyone’s list.


Yet almost all Justice League posters and media have been conspicuously omitting Superman from it – since he died in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Basically, Justice League is pretending that Superman is dead, and he’s going to stay dead, despite the fact that

  • reshoots that included Henry Cavill (who plays Superman) were publicly announced a few months earlier
  • Henry Cavill, who was in the middle of shooting another movie which required a moustache, had to be digitally edited after the reshoots (where he had a moustache) (and Superman doesn’t have a moustache)
  • Henry Cavill publicly posted about how he had started training up for Justice League
  • Henry Cavill posted about his new Superman costume on Instagram (probably going to be wearing it for a short while though)

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Here’s a quick refresher on the ending of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Good grief. They couldn’t even get through the end of the movie without effectively saying “Superman is coming back to life!” I mean, was the floating soil necessary? Does anyone on this planet believe that Superman will stay dead, especially when he’s one of the most important characters in the Justice League? Why would Superman make soil float, anyway?

But how is he going to come back to life? We’re going to show you five possible ways that Superman could be revived in Justice League. He’s come back to life before, after all…


1. Kryptonian Regeneration Matrix

The Kryptonian Regeneration Matrix. Credit: Kakimuvee Facebook Page

The Kryptonian Regeneration Matrix. Credit: Kakimuvee Facebook Page

In the comics, Superman died for a long time (over a year) but his comics continued, so everyone was pretty sure he would come back to life. Mind you, this was in 1993, before comic book characters started dying every now and then to jolt comic book sales (looking at you, Marvel).

He died after a physical gruelling brawl with Doomsday (the same rocky monster you saw in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), but an ancient mystical Kryptonian robot took his corpse and brought it to Superman’s secret Antarctic Kryptonian castle, the Fortress of Solitude.

There, Superman was placed in a device called the Kryptonian Regeneration Matrix, which basically brought him back to life. The full explanation would probably take another 5,00o words to explain (being a comic book explanation and everything), but that’s the device that revived him.

We’re betting that the Kryptonian ship in the middle of Metropolis probably also has something similar that can revive Superman.


2. Sunlight

The default explanation for Superman’s powers is that he is fuelled by the Sun, meaning that he’s a giant solar battery. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Superman gets smacked with Kryptonite while fighting Batman, then fights with Doomsday (who’s arguably stronger than him), then gets hit by a nuclear warhead in outer space.

Naturally, this leaves him weakened. A shrivelled husk, as the film shows. However, exposure to the Sun recharges him in mere seconds, bringing him back to full power (and even healing the cut on his face from Batman’s Kryptonite spear).

Hopefully, someone in Justice League will be sensible enough to propel Superman’s corpse into outer space, where he can bask in the unfiltered rays of the Sun. It might take more than a few seconds to revive him (he’s dead, after all), but the Sun is probably going to be able to restore his powers and life if they leave him there long enough.

Batman, please, you’re smart (and rich) enough to do this. I hope he does.


3. Healing naturally

One of Superman’s more modern powers is fast healing (a la Wolverine), where it’s shown that he can recover quickly from most wounds (unless they are caused by magic or Kryptonite).

In Smallville (the teen drama about Clark Kent before he became Superman), Clark Kent is not yet at his full strength (since he’s still ostensibly growing) – but can recover from stabbed through the chest. Watch how he gets stabbed above, and how quickly he recovers below.

Granted, there’s some help involved, but still. If he can recover from such a grievous wound before he’s at his full strength, he can probably recover from his seemingly fatal wound in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Note that he wasn’t impaled by Kryptonite or by magic – he was just stabbed by a really hard object. Given that, there’s really nothing impeding his healing factor from working, once he stops getting exposed to Kryptonite.


4. A Superman from an alternate universe takes his place

This isn’t a resurrection per se, but the DC Universe is famous for its multiverses – meaning that there are countless alternate universe versions of the superheroes running around. It’s so ingrained in their stories that in the comics, the last two years have seen:

  • Superman dying (the New 52 version)
  • An alternate universe version of Superman taking his place (the Post Crisis version)
  • Both Superman merging together to become one whole Superman with the memories of both

Even Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (the one with Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher) had two separate episodes where an alternate universe version of Superman is featured.

And in Superman: The Animated Series (and the “sequel” series, Justice League) – there are two alternate universes featured. A dimension where Lois Lane is dead, and another dimension where the Justice League is evil.

It’s feasible that an alternate universe version of Superman could take his place in Justice League – a version who didn’t die in a battle with Doomsday.


5. Magic

It’s been clearly established that magic exists in the Justice League universe.

Firstly, the antagonist for Suicide Squad was a woman literally called the Enchantress. If there’s any doubt about it, she was possessed by an evil magical spirit that gave her incredible mystical powers.

Secondly, Wonder Woman’s entire origin is magical. She battles Ares in her own movie, and she shows that the Olympian gods exist. This means that Hades also exists, and by proxy – an Underworld exists.

The Justice League could use magic to revive Superman. It’s a cop-out, but it’s a logical cop-out.

Justice League. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Justice League. Credit: Golden Village Cinemas

Don’t be fooled by the above poster – Superman will definitely be in Justice League! The biggest (and most expensive) DC movie yet, Justice League sees Batman and Wonder Woman (should we be shipping them?) working together to recruit the greatest heroes of Earth to defeat a cosmic threat. They’ll probably also revive Superman along the way, since he’s their biggest gun.

Superman! Batman! Wonder Woman! Flash! Aquaman! And okay yes Cyborg too! On the big screen, together, for the first time, in their full live action glory!

Justice League won’t just be a movie – it’ll be a historical event.


Credits: Kakimuvee Facebook Page, Golden Village Cinemas